Graphics framework for GR-PEACH. When you use this program, we judge you have agreed to the following contents.

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Auto generated API documentation and code listings for GraphicsFramework


animation_timing_function_t Animation_timing_function_t
argb1555_t One of color type
argb4444_t One of color type
argb8888_t One of color type
JPEG_Converter::bitmap_buff_info_t Bitmap data setting struct
DecodeOptions_t Decode option setting
JPEG_Converter::encode_options_t Encode option setting
frame_buffer_t Frame_buffer_t
graphics_async_status_t Graphics_async_status_t
graphics_config_t Graphics_config_t
graphics_hard_status_t Graphics_hard_status_t
graphics_image_properties_t Graphics_image_properties_t
graphics_image_t Raw image format of RGA and ImagePackager
graphics_matrix3x3_t Graphics_matrix3x3_t
graphics_pattern_t Graphics_pattern_t
graphics_static_t Graphics_static_t
graphics_status_t Graphics_status_t
graphics_t Graphics_t
jcu_async_status_t Status of asynchronize
jcu_buffer_param_t Buffer parameter for input and output
jcu_buffer_t Buffer settings
jcu_count_mode_param_t Buffer settings for separating decode or encode
jcu_decode_param_t Setting parameter for the Decoding
jcu_encode_param_t Setting parameter for the Encoding
jcu_image_info_t Image information data store variable
JPEG_Converter A class to communicate a JCU
layer_attributes_t Parameters of <R_WINDOW_SURFACES_AccessLayerAttributes>
r8g8b8a8_t One of color type
r_ospl_async_status_t Structure of driver's status and interrupt status defined by OSPL
r_ospl_async_t Setting of notifications
r_ospl_block_t Block in queue
r_ospl_c_lock_t C-lock
r_ospl_caller_t Context of interrupt callback function caller
r_ospl_error_t Error status of a thread
r_ospl_flag32_t This is the type of flags having 32bit
r_ospl_ftimer_spec_t Free run timer specification
r_ospl_global_error_t Error status of global
r_ospl_interrupt_t Structure related to interrupt source
r_ospl_master_t Variables for OSPL
r_ospl_memory_spec_t Memory specification
r_ospl_queue_def_t R_ospl_queue_def_t
r_ospl_queue_status_t R_ospl_queue_status_t
r_ospl_queue_t R_ospl_queue_t
r_ospl_rtx_osMailQDef_t RTX:osMailQDef_t
r_ospl_table_block_t Block of <r_ospl_table_t>
r_ospl_table_searched_t Result of searching
r_ospl_table_t Index table
r_ospl_thread_id_t Pointer to a thread
r_ospl_user_lock_t Example of user defined lock type
rgb565_t One of color type
rgba8888_t One of color type
uint16_not_aligned_t Uint16_not_aligned_t
uint32_not_aligned_t Uint32_not_aligned_t
video_input_config_t Parameters of <R_VIDEO_INPUT_Initialize>
video_input_t Video_input_t
vram_ex_stack_t Vram_ex_stack_t
window_surfaces_attribute_t Type of <window_surfaces_t>attributes
window_surfaces_config_t Window_surfaces_config_t
window_surfaces_t Window_surfaces_t
window_surfaces_vdc5_layer_t VDC5 layer
xrgb8888_t One of color type
y_cb_cr_422_t Same as <yuv422_t>
yuv422_t One of color type


clib_drivers.c [code]
clib_drivers.h [code]
clib_drivers_config.h [code]
clib_drivers_inline.h [code]
clib_drivers_typedef.h [code]
clib_registers.h [code]
clib_samples.c [code]
clib_samples.h [code]
clib_samples_private.h [code]
converter_wrapper.c [code] Graphics driver wrapper function definitions in C
converter_wrapper.h [code] Graphics driver wrapper function definitions in C
cpg_iobitmask.h [code]
cpu.h [code] CPU related FIT BSP
DebugBreak.c [code] General Break Point
frame_buffer.h [code]
frame_buffer_typedef.h [code]
inline_body.c [code] Body of inline functions
jcu_api.c [code] JCU (JPEG hardware) driver API
jcu_para.c [code]
jcu_pl.c [code]
jcu_reg.c [code]
jcu_user.c [code]
JPEG_Converter.h [code] JCU API
JPEG_Coverter.cpp [code]
locking.c [code] Lock related FIT BSP
locking.h [code] Lock related FIT BSP
locking_typedef.h [code] Lock related FIT BSP
locking_user.h [code] Lock related FIT BSP
mcu_interrupts.c [code] Interrupt related FIT BSP
mcu_interrupts.h [code] Interrupt related FIT BSP
mcu_interrupts_typedef.h [code] Interrupt related FIT BSP
ncg_debug.h [code]
ncg_defs.h [code]
ncg_memory.c [code]
ncg_memory.h [code]
ncg_register.c [code]
ncg_register.h [code]
ncg_state.c [code]
ncg_state.h [code]
ncg_time.h [code]
ncg_vg.c [code]
ncg_vg.h [code]
ncg_vg_isr.c [code]
ncg_vg_isr.h [code]
platform.h [code] Header files of FIT BSP
platform_config.h [code] Configuration of FIT BSP
Project_Config.h [code]
Project_Config_Sub.h [code]
r_jcu_api.h [code] JCU (JPEG hardware) driver API
r_jcu_local.h [code]
r_jcu_pl.h [code]
r_jcu_user.h [code]
r_multi_compiler.h [code] Compiler Porting Layer
r_multi_compiler_typedef.h [code] Compiler Porting Layer
r_ospl.c [code] OS Porting Layer
r_ospl.h [code] OS Porting Layer
r_ospl_config.h [code] Configuration of OSPL
r_ospl_debug.c [code] Debug tools provided by OSPL
r_ospl_debug.h [code] Debug tools provided by OSPL
r_ospl_memory.c [code] Memory map
r_ospl_os_less.h [code] OS Porting Layer API for OS less Compatibility
r_ospl_os_less_private.h [code] OS Porting Layer private functions for OS less
r_ospl_os_less_typedef.h [code] OS Porting Layer API for OS less Compatibility
r_ospl_private.h [code] OS Porting Layer private API for OS less
r_ospl_RTX.c [code] OS Porting Layer API for RTX
r_ospl_RTX_private.h [code] OS Porting Layer API for RTX
r_ospl_typedef.h [code] OS Porting Layer
r_ospl_unrecoverable.c [code]
r_static_an_tag.h [code] Reviewed tag for warnings of static code analysis
RGA.h [code]
RGA_API.h [code]
RGA_API_typedef.h [code]
RGA_Callback.c [code]
RGA_Callback_private.h [code]
RGA_Callback_WorkBuf.c [code]
RGA_Config.h [code]
RGA_Cpp.h [code]
RGA_Port.h [code]
RGA_Port_inline.h [code]
RGA_Port_typedef.h [code]
RGA_raw_image.h [code]
RGA_raw_image_typedef.h [code]
RGA_VRAM.c [code]
RGA_VRAM_EX.c [code] External VRAM Area
video_input.c [code]
video_input.h [code]
video_input.hpp [code]
video_input_cpp.cpp [code]
video_input_typedef.h [code]
vsync.c [code]
vsync.h [code]
vsync_pl.c [code]
vsync_pl.h [code]
vsync_typedef.h [code]
window_surfaces.c [code]
window_surfaces.h [code]
window_surfaces.hpp [code]
window_surfaces_cpp.cpp [code]
window_surfaces_ex.h [code]
window_surfaces_ex_typedef.h [code]
window_surfaces_inline.h [code]
window_surfaces_private.h [code]
window_surfaces_typedef.h [code]