Welcome to Mbed OS! Need help? We are here to provide the support you need to successfully build and launch your product using our best-in-class Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform. This page is a collection of resources available to serve you, depending on your specific needs.

New to Mbed?

If you are new to Mbed, start your journey to success with an introduction to the Mbed platform.

Mbed Commercial Support

We offer commercial support packages for those wanting to have guaranteed access to a dedicated, skilled support team that work alongside our engineers. Learn more about our commercial support model and pricing.

Have Technical Questions?

Mbed is an open-source platform with a rich set of software, tools and resources created, maintained and supported by our dedicated staff and an active developer community spread out across the globe.

Support for technical questions is available through various means, and you can get answers to most frequent questions by searching the Mbed OS website or visiting the troubleshooting section of the website.

Reference Manual – View this source of information to learn about Mbed APIs, configuration, implementation and tools.

Questions – Ask a question or describe a problem, and get quick answers from the developer community and Mbed staff.

Forums – Visit an appropriate forum for starting a discussion, and explore your topic of interest in greater depth in the language of your choice.

Register your design – If you're looking for support in getting your design into production, we may be able to help. Use this form to tell us about your product.

Support – Email our support address if you would like to ask a question privately and interact directly with Mbed support staff. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Want to Report a Problem?

At Mbed, we know that our developers rely on the Mbed service for day-to-day mission-critical work. That's why we take availability and reliability extremely seriously. Please report problems, including account registration, login credentials, Online Compiler access and the availability of the Mbed OS site by emailing our support address.

Before reporting a problem on one of our online services, please check the current status page.

Have Inquiries about the Mbed Ecosystem?

If you are interested in becoming a partner and would like to know more about the Arm Mbed Partner Ecosystem, please visit the Partner page to get more information.