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Mbed OS Tech Forum: June edition

Please join us, slightly later than planned, for the June edition of the Mbed Tech Forum at 5 pm BST (6 pm CET, 9 am Pacific) on June 23rd where Don and Andy will be joined by Joe Alderson, Rob Moran and Arek Zaluski from Arm’s Developer Services Group to talk about the newly launched Keil Studio IDE.

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Mbed OS Tech Forum: Latest and Upcoming Features

Join this Wednesday’s live Tech Forum to ask questions about upcoming features, hear about the latest Mbed OS developments, including the latest software release, and see how Mbed has been contributing to the Connected Home over IP (CHIP) project.

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Memory out-of-bound access vulnerability due to integer overflow when heap statistics are enabled

Earlier this year the Microsoft IoT Security research group discovered a series of memory allocation vulnerabilities in various IoT software including Mbed OS.

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Improved Pin names for Mbed boards

We released version 6.10 of Mbed OS this week and as part of the release we are pleased to introduce a new standard for the definition and usage of pin-names for Mbed Enabled boards.

Following feedback from the developer community and our ecosystem partners, we wanted to make it easier for developers to reuse or create applications that port across Mbed boards to external components. By working with the Analog Devices and ST Microelectronics engineering teams, we’ve designed, implemented and deployed new standard pin names and connectors, improving your experience with Mbed.

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Mbed and Arduino: Low-code development for IoT and ML

Two years ago, Arduino adopted Mbed OS as their primary IoT OS. This enablement provided Arduino users with a larger standard library of high quality components including an RTOS, networking stacks and automatic power management. And for Mbed users, it brought the Arduino core as a library to Mbed OS giving developers the potential to access a huge set of Arduino peripheral drivers through a standard interface. By using Arduino platforms such as the Portenta and the Nano BLE 33, developers can benefit from the flexibility and reliability of Mbed OS coupled with the low-code approach typical to Arduino.

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Coming up on the Mbed OS Tech Forum: Mbed in Healthcare

By Peter Ferguson, Director Healthcare Technologies at Arm

For healthcare companies to keep up with the pace of patient needs and deliver innovative products while outperforming the highest regulatory challenges, they need the product development process to be as quick and easy as possible. At the same time, medical devices are becoming more complex, with many now having integrated wireless connectivity, enabling onward delivery of the medical data as well as facilitating software and configuration updates that support products to be securely deployed for many years.

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Results of 2020 Mbed Developer Survey

Hi Mbed developers!

Today we are publishing the report of 2020 Mbed Developer Survey. By reading this report, you are able to get an updated view of the whole Mbed community, the technology and tools in use, as well as the challenges and considerations that Mbed developers have in the development process.

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Google Cloud to join the next Mbed OS Tech Forum

During this week’s Tech Forum, we will be joined by Charlie Wang, Cloud Solutions Architect from the Google Cloud team to show how Mbed OS and Google Cloud work together to accelerate IoT product development. We will discuss the challenges IoT developers are facing today and how the Google Cloud and Mbed OS integration can help developers can overcome these challenges.

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Mbed OS Tech Forum: From Prototype to Production-Ready Hardware and Code

Happy New Year everyone! We’re excited to be back with our second session of the Mbed OS Tech Forum – a monthly live stream for you to connect with Mbed OS maintainers and developers, ask questions, share feedback and projects, plus hear about the Mbed OS roadmap.

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Mbed Developer Survey 2020 Update

We now have three winners of the three Keil MDK licenses. The winners will receive a confirmation email from us shortly.

If you haven’t taken the survey yet, I would like to encourage you to use this opportunity to make your voice heard. Your feedback is crucial for our engineering teams to make decisions about what we should focus on and invest our effort in, so please do fill out the survey when you have a spare 10-15 mins. The survey is available in English, 日本語, 简体中文, and 繁體中文.

To celebrate the 30th birthday of Arm, we are adding new prizes to the special prize draw. Developers who complete the survey before Dec 31st 2020 will be included in a new prize draw for three $100 Amazon e-gift cards.

Note: If you have already completed the survey but didn't win the last prize draw, you will be automatically included in this new prize draw, so there is no need to fill in the survey again.


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