MAX32620HSP (MAXREFDES100) RPC Example for Graphical User Interface

Dependencies:   USBDevice

Fork of HSP_Release by Jerry Bradshaw

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for HSP_RPC_GUI


BMP280 Bosch BMP280 Digital Pressure Sensor
Device_Logging Class that is used to store device logging parameters when logging to flash or streaming usb
fifo_t Structure used for FIFO management
HspLed Driver for the HSP Led, supports different blink rates and patterns
MAX14720 MAX14720 PMIC Driver
MAX30001 Maxim Integrated MAX30001 ECG/BIOZ chip
MAX30001::max30001_bioz_reg CNFG_BIOZ (0x18)
MAX30001::max30001_cnfg_bmux_reg CNFG_BMUX (0x17)
MAX30001::max30001_cnfg_cal_reg CNFG_CAL (0x12)
MAX30001::max30001_cnfg_ecg_reg CNFG_ECG (0x15)
MAX30001::max30001_cnfg_emux_reg CNFG_EMUX (0x14)
MAX30001::max30001_cnfg_gen_reg CNFG_GEN (0x10)
MAX30001::max30001_cnfg_pace_reg CNFG_PACE (0x1A)
MAX30001::max30001_cnfg_rtor1_reg CNFG_RTOR1 (0x1D)
MAX30001::max30001_cnfg_rtor2_reg CNFG_RTOR2 (0x1E)
MAX30001::max30001_en_int2_reg EN_INT2 (0x03)
MAX30001::max30001_en_int_reg EN_INT (0x02)
MAX30001::max30001_info_reg INFO (0x0F)
MAX30001::max30001_mngr_dyn_reg MNGR_DYN (0x05)
MAX30001::max30001_mngr_int_reg MNGR_INT (0x04)
MAX30001::max30001_status_reg STATUS (0x01)
MAX30101 Maxim Integrated MAX30101 Oximeter chip
MAX30101::max30101_fifo_configuration_reg FIFO_CONFIGURATION (0x08)
MAX30101::max30101_fifo_rd_ptr_reg FIFO_READ_PTR (0x06)
MAX30101::max30101_fifo_wr_ptr_reg FIFO_WR_PTR (0x04)
MAX30101::max30101_Interrupt_Enable_1_reg INTERRUPT_ENABLE1 (0x02)
MAX30101::max30101_Interrupt_Enable_2_reg INTERRUPT_ENABLE2 (0x03)
MAX30101::max30101_Interrupt_Status_1_reg STATUS1 (0x00)
MAX30101::max30101_Interrupt_Status_2_reg STATUS2 (0x01)
MAX30101::max30101_mode_configuration_reg MODE_CONFIGURATION (0x09)
MAX30101::max30101_ovf_counter_reg OVF_COUNTER (0x05)
MAX30101::max30101_spo2_configuration_reg SPO2_CONGIGURATION (0x0A)
MAX30205 Driver for the MAX30205 on the HSP Platform
Peripherals This static class is used as a central locatoin for all devices on the HSP platform it gives (in-effect) a singleton interface for each device so that anywhere in code one can reference on of these devices
QuadSPI This class provides a Quad SPI interface for quad spi devices the class also allows single (4-Wire) communication
RPC_Object Used to keep track of the head of the list and the end of a list
RPC_registeredProcedure Define the parts of a RPC. ObjectName, MethodName and function


BluetoothLE.cpp [code]
BluetoothLE.h [code]
BMP280.cpp [code]
BMP280.h [code]
BMP280_RPC.cpp [code]
BMP280_RPC.h [code]
Characteristic.cpp [code]
Characteristic.h [code]
DataLoggingService.cpp [code]
DataLoggingService.h [code]
Device_Logging.cpp [code]
Device_Logging.h [code]
HspBLE.cpp [code]
HspBLE.h [code]
HspLed.cpp [code]
HspLed.h [code]
HspLed_RPC.cpp [code]
HspLed_RPC.h [code]
I2C_RPC.cpp [code]
I2C_RPC.h [code]
LIS2DH.cpp [code]
LIS2DH.h [code]
LIS2DH_RPC.cpp [code]
LIS2DH_RPC.h [code]
Logging.cpp [code]
Logging.h [code]
Logging_RPC.cpp [code]
Logging_RPC.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
MAX14720.cpp [code]
MAX14720.h [code]
MAX14720_RPC.cpp [code]
MAX14720_RPC.h [code]
MAX30001.cpp [code]
MAX30001.h [code]
MAX30001_helper.cpp [code]
MAX30001_helper.h [code]
MAX30001_RPC.cpp [code]
MAX30001_RPC.h [code]
MAX30101.cpp [code]
MAX30101.h [code]
MAX30101_helper.cpp [code]
MAX30101_helper.h [code]
MAX30101_RPC.cpp [code]
MAX30101_RPC.h [code]
MAX30205.cpp [code]
MAX30205.h [code]
MAX30205_RPC.cpp [code]
MAX30205_RPC.h [code]
PacketFifo.cpp [code]
PacketFifo.h [code]
Peripherals.cpp [code]
Peripherals.h [code]
PushButton.cpp [code]
PushButton.h [code]
QuadSpi.cpp [code]
QuadSpi.h [code]
QuadSpiInterface.cpp [code]
QuadSpiInterface.h [code]
RpcDeclarations.h [code]
RpcFifo.cpp [code]
RpcFifo.h [code]
RpcServer.cpp [code]
RpcServer.h [code]
S25FS512.cpp [code]
S25FS512.h [code]
S25FS512_RPC.cpp [code]
S25FS512_RPC.h [code]
ServiceNonInterrupt.cpp [code]
ServiceNonInterrupt.h [code]
Streaming.cpp [code]
Streaming.h [code]
StringHelper.cpp [code]
StringHelper.h [code]
StringInOut.cpp [code]
StringInOut.h [code]
System.cpp [code]
System.h [code]
Test_BMP280.cpp [code]
Test_BMP280.h [code]
Test_LIS2DH.cpp [code]
Test_LIS2DH.h [code]
Test_MAX30001.cpp [code]
Test_MAX30001.h [code]
Test_MAX30101.cpp [code]
Test_MAX30101.h [code]
Test_MAX30205.cpp [code]
Test_MAX30205.h [code]
Test_S25FS512.cpp [code]
Test_S25FS512.h [code]
Test_Utilities.cpp [code]
Test_Utilities.h [code]
Testing_RPC.cpp [code]
Testing_RPC.h [code]