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_InputArray This is the proxy class for passing read-only input arrays into OpenCV functions
_IplImage The IplImage is taken from the Intel Image Processing Library, in which the format is native
_OutputArray This type is very similar to InputArray except that it is used for input/output and output function parameters
Affine3< T > Affine transform
AffineTransformer Wrapper class for the OpenCV Affine Transformation algorithm
AgastFeatureDetector Wrapping class for feature detection using the AGAST method
AKAZE Class implementing the AKAZE keypoint detector and descriptor extractor, described in ANB13
Algorithm This is a base class for all more or less complex algorithms in OpenCV
AlignExposures The base class for algorithms that align images of the same scene with different exposures
AlignMTB This algorithm converts images to median threshold bitmaps (1 for pixels brighter than median luminance and 0 otherwise) and than aligns the resulting bitmaps using bit operations
Allocator< _Tp >
ANN_MLP Artificial Neural Networks - Multi-Layer Perceptrons
Arrays Wrapper for OpenGL Client-Side Vertex arrays
AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size > Automatically Allocated Buffer Class
BackgroundSubtractor Base class for background/foreground segmentation
BackgroundSubtractorKNN K-nearest neigbours - based Background/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm
BackgroundSubtractorMOG2 Gaussian Mixture-based Background/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm
BestOf2NearestMatcher Features matcher which finds two best matches for each feature and leaves the best one only if the ratio between descriptor distances is greater than the threshold match_conf
BFMatcher Brute-force descriptor matcher
Blender Base class for all blenders
BlocksGainCompensator Exposure compensator which tries to remove exposure related artifacts by adjusting image block intensities, see UES01 for details
Boost Boosted tree classifier derived from DTrees
BOWImgDescriptorExtractor Class to compute an image descriptor using the *bag of visual words*
BOWKMeansTrainer Kmeans -based class to train visual vocabulary using the *bag of visual words* approach
BOWTrainer Abstract base class for training the *bag of visual words* vocabulary from a set of descriptors
BRISK Class implementing the BRISK keypoint detector and descriptor extractor, described in LCS11
Buffer Smart pointer for OpenGL buffer object with reference counting
BundleAdjusterBase Base class for all camera parameters refinement methods
BundleAdjusterRay Implementation of the camera parameters refinement algorithm which minimizes sum of the distances between the rays passing through the camera center and a feature
BundleAdjusterReproj Implementation of the camera parameters refinement algorithm which minimizes sum of the reprojection error squares
CalibrateCRF The base class for camera response calibration algorithms
CalibrateDebevec Inverse camera response function is extracted for each brightness value by minimizing an objective function as linear system
CalibrateRobertson Inverse camera response function is extracted for each brightness value by minimizing an objective function as linear system
CameraParams Describes camera parameters
CascadeClassifier Cascade classifier class for object detection
ChiHistogramCostExtractor An Chi based cost extraction
choose_policy< any > Choosing the policy for an any type is illegal, but should never happen
CommandLineParser Designed for command line parsing
Complex< _Tp > A complex number class
CompositeIndex< Distance > This index builds a kd-tree index and a k-means index and performs nearest neighbour search both indexes
CompositeIndexParams Index parameters for the CompositeIndex
ConjGradSolver This class is used to perform the non-linear non-constrained minimization of a function with known gradient,
CvAttrList List of attributes
CvChainPtReader Freeman chain reader state
CvConnectedComp Connected component structure
CvConvexityDefect Convexity defect
CvFileNode Basic element of the file storage - scalar or collection:
CvFont Font structure
CvHuMoments Hu invariants
CvLineIterator Line iterator state:
CvMat Matrix elements are stored row by row
CvMoments Spatial and central moments
CvNArrayIterator Matrix iterator: used for n-ary operations on dense arrays
CvStringHashNode All the keys (names) of elements in the readed file storage are stored in the hash to speed up the lookup operations:
CvType Class for automatic module/RTTI data registration/unregistration
CvTypeInfo Type information
CylindricalWarper Cylindrical warper factory class
CylindricalWarper Warper that maps an image onto the x\*x + z\*z = 1 cylinder
DataDepth< _Tp > A helper class for cv::DataType
DataType< _Tp > Template "trait" class for OpenCV primitive data types
DataType< Matx< _Tp, m, n > >
DataType< Vec< _Tp, cn > >
DescriptorMatcher::DescriptorCollection Class to work with descriptors from several images as with one merged matrix
DescriptorMatcher Abstract base class for matching keypoint descriptors
DetectionROI Struct for detection region of interest (ROI)
DeviceInfo Class providing functionality for querying the specified GPU properties
DMatch Class for matching keypoint descriptors
DownhillSolver This class is used to perform the non-linear non-constrained minimization of a function,
DTrees The class represents a single decision tree or a collection of decision trees
DualTVL1OpticalFlow "Dual TV L1" Optical Flow Algorithm
DynamicBitset Class re-implementing the boost version of it This helps not depending on boost, it also does not do the bound checks and has a way to reset a block for speed
EM The class implements the Expectation Maximization algorithm
EMDHistogramCostExtractor An EMD based cost extraction
EMDL1HistogramCostExtractor An EMD-L1 based cost extraction
Estimator Rotation estimator base class
EventAccessor Class that enables getting cudaEvent_t from cuda::Event
Exception Class passed to an error
ExposureCompensator Base class for all exposure compensators
FastFeatureDetector Wrapping class for feature detection using the FAST method
FastMarchingMethod Describes the Fast Marching Method implementation
FeatherBlender Simple blender which mixes images at its borders
Feature2D Abstract base class for 2D image feature detectors and descriptor extractors
FeaturesFinder Feature finders base class
FeaturesMatcher Feature matchers base class
FileNode File Storage Node class
FileNodeIterator Used to iterate through sequences and mappings
FileStorage XML/YAML file storage class that encapsulates all the information necessary for writing or reading data to/from a file
FlannBasedMatcher Flann-based descriptor matcher
MinProblemSolver::Function Represents function being optimized
GainCompensator Exposure compensator which tries to remove exposure related artifacts by adjusting image intensities, see BL07 and WJ10 for details
GeneralizedHough Finds arbitrary template in the grayscale image using Generalized Hough Transform
GeneralizedHoughBallard Ballard, D.H
GeneralizedHoughGuil Guil, N., González-Linares, J.M
GenericIndex< Distance > The FLANN nearest neighbor index class
GFTTDetector Wrapping class for feature detection using the goodFeaturesToTrack function
GpuMat Base storage class for GPU memory with reference counting
GraphCutSeamFinder Minimum graph cut-based seam estimator
GraphCutSeamFinderBase Base class for all minimum graph-cut-based seam estimators
Hamming< T > Hamming distance functor (pop count between two binary vectors, i.e
HammingLUT Hamming distance functor - counts the bit differences between two strings - useful for the Brief descriptor bit count of A exclusive XOR'ed with B
HausdorffDistanceExtractor A simple Hausdorff distance measure between shapes defined by contours
SparseMat::Hdr Sparse matrix header
Heap< T > Priority Queue Implementation
HierarchicalClusteringIndex< Distance > Hierarchical index
HistogramCostExtractor Abstract base class for histogram cost algorithms
HomographyBasedEstimator Homography based rotation estimator
HostMem Class with reference counting wrapping special memory type allocation functions from CUDA
ImageFeatures Structure containing image keypoints and descriptors
ImageMotionEstimatorBase Base class for global 2D motion estimation methods which take frames as input
Index_< T >
IndexHeader Structure representing the index header
KalmanFilter Kalman filter class
KAZE Class implementing the KAZE keypoint detector and descriptor extractor, described in ABD12
KDTreeIndex< Distance > Randomized kd-tree index
KDTreeSingleIndex< Distance > Randomized kd-tree index
KeyPoint Data structure for salient point detectors
KeypointBasedMotionEstimator Describes a global 2D motion estimation method which uses keypoints detection and optical flow for matching
KeyPointsFilter A class filters a vector of keypoints
KMeansIndex< Distance > Hierarchical kmeans index
KNearest The class implements K-Nearest Neighbors model
KNNRadiusUniqueResultSet< DistanceType > Class that holds the k NN neighbors within a radius distance
KNNResultSet< DistanceType > K-Nearest neighbour result set
KNNSimpleResultSet< DistanceType > KNNSimpleResultSet does not ensure that the element it holds are unique
KNNUniqueResultSet< DistanceType > Class that holds the k NN neighbors Faster than KNNResultSet as it uses a binary heap and does not maintain two arrays
L2< T > Squared Euclidean distance functor, optimized version
L2_Simple< T > Squared Euclidean distance functor
LDA Linear Discriminant Analysis
LineIterator Line iterator
LineSegmentDetector Line segment detector class
LogisticRegression Implements Logistic Regression classifier
LshIndex< Distance > Randomized kd-tree index
LshStats POD for stats about an LSH table
LshTable< ElementType > Lsh hash table
Mat N-dimensional dense array class
Mat_< _Tp > Template matrix class derived from Mat
MatAllocator Custom array allocator
MatchesInfo Structure containing information about matches between two images
MatCommaInitializer_< _Tp > Comma-separated Matrix Initializer
MatConstIterator_< _Tp > Matrix read-only iterator
MatExpr Matrix expression representation
MatIterator_< _Tp > Matrix read-write iterator
Matrix< T > Class that implements a simple rectangular matrix stored in a memory buffer and provides convenient matrix-like access using the [] operators
Matx< _Tp, m, n > Template class for small matrices whose type and size are known at compilation time
MatxCommaInitializer< _Tp, m, n > Comma-separated Matrix Initializer
MergeDebevec The resulting HDR image is calculated as weighted average of the exposures considering exposure values and camera response
MergeExposures The base class algorithms that can merge exposure sequence to a single image
MergeMertens Pixels are weighted using contrast, saturation and well-exposedness measures, than images are combined using laplacian pyramids
MergeRobertson The resulting HDR image is calculated as weighted average of the exposures considering exposure values and camera response
MinProblemSolver Basic interface for all solvers
Moments Struct returned by cv::moments
MotionEstimatorBase Base class for all global motion estimation methods
MotionEstimatorL1 Describes a global 2D motion estimation method which minimizes L1 error
MotionEstimatorRansacL2 Describes a robust RANSAC-based global 2D motion estimation method which minimizes L2 error
MSER Maximally stable extremal region extractor
MultiBandBlender Blender which uses multi-band blending algorithm (see BA83)
NAryMatIterator N-ary multi-dimensional array iterator
NNIndex< Distance > Nearest-neighbour index base class
SparseMat::Node Sparse matrix node - element of a hash table
DTrees::Node The class represents a decision tree node
NoExposureCompensator Stub exposure compensator which does nothing
NormalBayesClassifier Bayes classifier for normally distributed data
NormHistogramCostExtractor A norm based cost extraction
NoSeamFinder Stub seam estimator which does nothing
ORB Class implementing the ORB (*oriented BRIEF*) keypoint detector and descriptor extractor
OrbFeaturesFinder ORB features finder
PairwiseSeamFinder Base class for all pairwise seam estimators
ParallelLoopBody Base class for parallel data processors
ParamGrid The structure represents the logarithmic grid range of statmodel parameters
PCA Principal Component Analysis
PlaneWarper Plane warper factory class
PlaneWarper Warper that maps an image onto the z = 1 plane
Point3_< _Tp > Template class for 3D points specified by its coordinates `x`, `y` and `z`
Point_< _Tp > Template class for 2D points specified by its coordinates `x` and `y`
ProjectorBase Base class for warping logic implementation
Ptr< T > Template class for smart pointers with shared ownership
QtFont QtFont available only for Qt
RadiusResultSet< DistanceType > A result-set class used when performing a radius based search
RadiusUniqueResultSet< DistanceType > Class that holds the radius nearest neighbors It is more accurate than RadiusResult as it is not limited in the number of neighbors
Range Template class specifying a continuous subsequence (slice) of a sequence
RansacParams Describes RANSAC method parameters
Rect_< _Tp > Template class for 2D rectangles
RNG Random Number Generator
RNG_MT19937 Mersenne Twister random number generator
RotatedRect The class represents rotated (i.e
RotationWarper Rotation-only model image warper interface
RotationWarperBase< P > Base class for rotation-based warper using a detail::ProjectorBase_ derived class
RTrees The class implements the random forest predictor
SavedIndexParams (Deprecated) Index parameters for creating a saved index
Scalar_< _Tp > Template class for a 4-element vector derived from Vec
SeamFinder Base class for a seam estimator
Seq< _Tp >
SeqIterator< _Tp >
ShapeContextDistanceExtractor Implementation of the Shape Context descriptor and matching algorithm
ShapeDistanceExtractor Abstract base class for shape distance algorithms
ShapeTransformer Abstract base class for shape transformation algorithms
SimilarRects Class for grouping object candidates, detected by Cascade Classifier, HOG etc
SimpleBlobDetector Class for extracting blobs from an image
Size_< _Tp > Template class for specifying the size of an image or rectangle
SparseMat The class SparseMat represents multi-dimensional sparse numerical arrays
SparseMat_< _Tp > Template sparse n-dimensional array class derived from SparseMat
SparseMatConstIterator Read-Only Sparse Matrix Iterator
SparseMatConstIterator_< _Tp > Template Read-Only Sparse Matrix Iterator Class
SparseMatIterator Read-write Sparse Matrix Iterator
SparseMatIterator_< _Tp > Template Read-Write Sparse Matrix Iterator Class
SphericalWarper Spherical warper factory class
SphericalWarper Warper that maps an image onto the unit sphere located at the origin
DTrees::Split The class represents split in a decision tree
StartStopTimer A start-stop timer class
StatModel Base class for statistical models in OpenCV ML
StereoBM Class for computing stereo correspondence using the block matching algorithm, introduced and contributed to OpenCV by K
StereoMatcher The base class for stereo correspondence algorithms
StereoSGBM The class implements the modified H
Stitcher High level image stitcher
Stream This class encapsulates a queue of asynchronous calls
StreamAccessor Class that enables getting cudaStream_t from cuda::Stream
SuperResolution Base class for Super Resolution algorithms
SurfFeaturesFinder SURF features finder
SVD Singular Value Decomposition
SVM Support Vector Machines
TargetArchs Class providing a set of static methods to check what NVIDIA\* card architecture the CUDA module was built for
TermCriteria The class defining termination criteria for iterative algorithms
Texture2D Smart pointer for OpenGL 2D texture memory with reference counting
ThinPlateSplineShapeTransformer Definition of the transformation
Tonemap Base class for tonemapping algorithms - tools that are used to map HDR image to 8-bit range
TonemapDrago Adaptive logarithmic mapping is a fast global tonemapping algorithm that scales the image in logarithmic domain
TonemapDurand This algorithm decomposes image into two layers: base layer and detail layer using bilateral filter and compresses contrast of the base layer thus preserving all the details
TonemapMantiuk This algorithm transforms image to contrast using gradients on all levels of gaussian pyramid, transforms contrast values to HVS response and scales the response
TonemapReinhard This is a global tonemapping operator that models human visual system
TrainData Class encapsulating training data
UniqueRandom Random number generator that returns a distinct number from the [0,n) interval each time
UniqueResultSet< DistanceType > Class that holds the k NN neighbors Faster than KNNResultSet as it uses a binary heap and does not maintain two arrays
Vec< _Tp, cn > Template class for short numerical vectors, a partial case of Matx
VecCommaInitializer< _Tp, m > Comma-separated Vec Initializer
VideoCapture Class for video capturing from video files, image sequences or cameras
VideoWriter Video writer class
VoronoiSeamFinder Voronoi diagram-based seam estimator
WarperCreator Image warper factories base class
WImage< T > Image class which provides a thin layer around an IplImage
WImageBuffer< T > Image class which owns the data, so it can be allocated and is always freed
WImageBufferC< T, C > Like a WImageBuffer class but when the number of channels is known at compile time
WImageC< T, C > Image class when both the pixel type and number of channels are known at compile time
WImageView< T > View into an image class which allows treating a subimage as an image or treating external data as an image


affine.hpp [code]
all_indices.h [code]
allocator.h [code]
any.h [code]
autocalib.hpp [code]
autotuned_index.h [code]
background_segm.hpp [code]
base.hpp [code]
blenders.hpp [code]
bufferpool.hpp [code]
calib3d/calib3d.hpp [code]
calib3d.hpp [code]
calib3d_c.h [code]
camera.hpp [code]
cap_ios.h [code]
composite_index.h [code]
config.h [code]
core/core.hpp [code]
core.hpp [code]
core_c.h [code]
core/cuda.hpp [code]
photo/cuda.hpp [code]
cuda.inl.hpp [code]
cuda_stream_accessor.hpp [code] This is only header file that depends on CUDA Runtime API
cuda_types.hpp [code]
cv.h [code]
cv.hpp [code]
cvaux.h [code]
cvaux.hpp [code]
cvconfig.h [code]
cvdef.h [code]
cvstd.hpp [code]
cvstd.inl.hpp [code]
cvwimage.h [code]
cxcore.h [code]
cxcore.hpp [code]
cxeigen.hpp [code]
cxmisc.h [code]
deblurring.hpp [code]
defines.h [code]
detection_based_tracker.hpp [code]
directx.hpp [code]
dist.h [code]
distortion_model.hpp [code]
dummy.h [code]
dynamic_bitset.h [code]
eigen.hpp [code]
emdL1.hpp [code]
exposure_compensate.hpp [code]
fast_marching.hpp [code]
fast_marching_inl.hpp [code]
fast_math.hpp [code]
features2d/features2d.hpp [code]
features2d.hpp [code]
flann/flann.hpp [code]
flann.hpp [code]
flann_base.hpp [code]
frame_source.hpp [code]
general.h [code]
global_motion.hpp [code]
ground_truth.h [code]
hal.hpp [code]
hdf5.h [code]
heap.h [code]
hierarchical_clustering_index.h [code]
highgui.h [code]
highgui/highgui.hpp [code]
highgui.hpp [code]
highgui_c.h [code]
hist_cost.hpp [code]
imgcodecs/imgcodecs.hpp [code]
imgcodecs.hpp [code]
imgcodecs_c.h [code]
imgproc/imgproc.hpp [code]
imgproc.hpp [code]
imgproc_c.h [code]
index_testing.h [code]
inpainting.hpp [code]
interface.h [code]
intrin.hpp [code]
intrin_cpp.hpp [code]
intrin_neon.hpp [code]
intrin_sse.hpp [code]
ios.h [code]
ippasync.hpp [code]
kdtree_index.h [code]
kdtree_single_index.h [code]
kmeans_index.h [code]
linear_index.h [code]
log.hpp [code]
logger.h [code]
lsh_index.h [code]
lsh_table.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
mat.hpp [code]
mat.inl.hpp [code]
matchers.hpp [code]
matrix.h [code]
matx.hpp [code]
miniflann.hpp [code]
ml.h [code]
ml/ml.hpp [code]
ml.hpp [code]
motion_core.hpp [code]
motion_estimators.hpp [code]
motion_stabilizing.hpp [code]
neon_utils.hpp [code]
nn_index.h [code]
objdetect/objdetect.hpp [code]
objdetect.hpp [code]
objdetect_c.h [code]
object_factory.h [code]
ocl.hpp [code]
ocl_genbase.hpp [code]
opencv.hpp [code]
opencv_modules.hpp [code]
opengl.hpp [code]
operations.hpp [code]
superres/optical_flow.hpp [code]
videostab/optical_flow.hpp [code]
optim.hpp [code]
outlier_rejection.hpp [code]
params.h [code]
persistence.hpp [code]
photo/photo.hpp [code]
photo.hpp [code]
photo_c.h [code]
private.cuda.hpp [code]
private.hpp [code]
ptr.inl.hpp [code]
random.h [code]
result_set.h [code]
ring_buffer.hpp [code]
sampling.h [code]
saturate.hpp [code]
saving.h [code]
seam_finders.hpp [code]
shape/shape.hpp [code]
shape.hpp [code]
shape_distance.hpp [code]
shape_transformer.hpp [code]
simplex_downhill.h [code]
sse_utils.hpp [code]
stabilizer.hpp [code]
stitching.hpp [code]
superres.hpp [code]
timelapsers.hpp [code]
timer.h [code]
tracking.hpp [code]
tracking_c.h [code]
traits.hpp [code]
types.hpp [code]
core/types_c.h [code]
imgproc/types_c.h [code]
util.hpp [code]
util_inl.hpp [code]
utility.hpp [code]
va_intel.hpp [code]
version.hpp [code]
video/video.hpp [code]
video.hpp [code]
videoio/videoio.hpp [code]
videoio.hpp [code]
videoio_c.h [code]
videostab.hpp [code]
detail/warpers.hpp [code]
warpers.hpp [code]
warpers_inl.hpp [code]
wimage.hpp [code]
wobble_suppression.hpp [code]
world.hpp [code]


cv::fisheye The methods in this namespace use a so-called fisheye camera model