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ST and its partners are providing a full hardware and software ecosystem to support rapid evaluation, prototyping and productizing of complete systems using the STM32 microcontroller with actuator, connectivity, sensor, power drive and standard I/O peripherals.


By choosing one of ST's STM32 microcontrollers for your embedded application, you gain from our leading expertise in MCU architecture, technology, multi-source manufacturing and support.

ST's product portfolio contains a comprehensive range of microcontrollers, from robust, low-cost 8-bit MCUs up to 32-bit ARM-based Cortex™-M0, Cortex™-M3, Cortex™-M4 and Cortex™-M7 Flash microcontrollers with a great choice of peripherals. ST has also extended this range to include an ultra-low-power MCU platform.

Extensive support through a combination of flexible and powerful development tools, training courses, consultancy and web support gives you a plus for a faster time to market.

The STM32 family of 32‑bit Flash microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex™‑M processor is designed to offer new degrees of freedom to MCU users. It offers a 32‑bit product range that combines high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and low‑power, low‑voltage operation, while maintaining full integration and ease of development.

The unparalleled and large range of STM32 devices, based on an industry-standard core and accompanied by a vast choice of tools and software, makes this family of products the ideal choice, both for small projects and for entire platform decisions.


STM32 Nucleo expansion boards provide additional functionality to add sensing, control, connectivity, power, audio or other functions as needed.
They carry all the required components to

  • Evaluate ST devices to be used together with an STM32 microcontroller
  • Build STM32-based applications leveraging functionality and performance of ST’s device portfolio.

The expansion boards are equipped with standardized interconnections, such as Arduino Uno R3 connector, or a Morpho connector for a higher level of connectivity.
The combination of STM32 Nucleo boards and expansion boards is a unified scalable approach with unlimited possibilities for application development, prototyping or product evaluation.


Sample application using interrupts, and range_continuous_interrupts mode, to receive range data from the on-board and satellite sensors. Results are displayed on the on-board, 4 digit display and on the COM ...
Example of 6D orientation recognition for LSM6DSL in X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2
ATParser for X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 module
Class for BSP AUDIO for DISCO_F746NG
An example of creating and updating a simple GATT Service using the BLE_API
Hello World program for this deprecated board, based on older versions of BLE_API (rev1130), X_NUCLEO_IDB0XA1 (rev212) and mbed (rev114) libraries.
Heart Rate Monitor example for the BLE API using ST BlueNRG native drivers
An example driving an LED through a BLE service using ST BlueNRG native drivers
A GattClient example based on ST BlueNRG driving an LED service exported by a BLE_LED peripheral. Shows scanning, connections, service-discovery, and reads/writes.
X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 Environmental/Motion sensors data transmitted via X-NUCLEO-IDB04A1 BLE board. Compatible with iOS/Android ST BlueMS V2.1 application.
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