X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 Bluetooth Low Energy

The X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 is a Bluetooth Low Energy evaluation board based on the SPBTLE-RF BlueNRG-MS RF module.





The X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 is a Bluetooth Low Energy evaluation board based on the SPBTLE-RF BlueNRG-MS RF module to allow expansion of the STM32 Nucleo boards. The SPBTLE-RF module is FCC (FCC ID: S9NSPBTLERF) and IC certified (IC: 8976C-SPBTLERF).

The X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 is compatible with the ST Morpho and Arduino UNO R3 connector layout (the user can mount the ST Morpho connectors, if required). The X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 interfaces with the STM32 microcontroller via the SPI pin, and the user can change the default SPI clock, the SPI chip select and SPI IRQ by changing one resistor on the evaluation board.

Arduino Connector Compatibility Warning

X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 is Arduino compatible with one exception: instead of using pin D13, to drive the SPI clock, it uses pin D3.
For further details, please refer to page X_NUCLEO_IDB0XA1.

For better performance and compatibility with latest mbed API, you should update firmware of this component by using this simple application.

The library source code with latest updates and development branches is also available on Github.

Further information and ordering

X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 can be purchased directly from ST web site.
The page provides additional documents like a user manual, a quick start guide, schematics, gerber files and bill of materials.
Additional SW and tools are also provided.

Getting Started Video

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