Example program to test AES-GCM functionality. Used for a workshop

Dependencies:   mbed

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for aes-gcm-test-program


_asn1_bitstring Container for ASN1 bit strings
_asn1_buf Type-length-value structure that allows for ASN1 using DER
_asn1_named_data Container for a sequence or list of 'named' ASN.1 data items
_asn1_sequence Container for a sequence of ASN.1 items
_ssl_cache_context Cache context
_ssl_cache_entry This structure is used for storing cache entries
_ssl_ciphersuite_t This structure is used for storing ciphersuite information
_x509_crl Certificate revocation list structure
_x509_crl_entry Certificate revocation list entry
_x509_crt Container for an X.509 certificate
_x509_csr Certificate Signing Request (CSR) structure
_x509_time Container for date and time (precision in seconds)
_x509write_cert Container for writing a certificate (CRT)
_x509write_csr Container for writing a CSR
aes_context AES context structure
arc4_context ARC4 context structure
blowfish_context Blowfish context structure
camellia_context CAMELLIA context structure
cipher_base_t Base cipher information
cipher_context_t Generic cipher context
cipher_info_t Cipher information
ctr_drbg_context CTR_DRBG context structure
des3_context Triple-DES context structure
des_context DES context structure
dhm_context DHM context structure
ecdh_context ECDH context structure
ecdsa_context ECDSA context structure
ecp_curve_info Curve information for use by other modules
ecp_group ECP group structure
ecp_keypair ECP key pair structure
ecp_point ECP point structure (jacobian coordinates)
entropy_context Entropy context structure
gcm_context GCM context structure
havege_state HAVEGE state structure
hmac_drbg_context HMAC_DRBG context
hr_time Timer structure
md2_context MD2 context structure
md4_context MD4 context structure
md5_context MD5 context structure
md_context_t Generic message digest context
md_info_t Message digest information
mpi MPI structure
oid_descriptor_t Base OID descriptor structure
pem_context PEM context structure
pk_context Public key container
pk_debug_item Item to send to the debug module
pk_info_t Public key information and operations
pkcs11_context Context for PKCS #11 private keys
ripemd160_context RIPEMD-160 context structure
rsa_context RSA context structure
sha1_context SHA-1 context structure
sha256_context SHA-256 context structure
sha512_context SHA-512 context structure
source_state Entropy source state
xtea_context XTEA context structure


aes.c [code]
aes.h [code] AES block cipher
aesni.c [code]
aesni.h [code] AES-NI for hardware AES acceleration on some Intel processors
arc4.c [code]
arc4.h [code] The ARCFOUR stream cipher
asn1.h [code] Generic ASN.1 parsing
asn1parse.c [code]
asn1write.c [code]
asn1write.h [code] ASN.1 buffer writing functionality
base64.c [code]
base64.h [code] RFC 1521 base64 encoding/decoding
bignum.c [code]
bignum.h [code] Multi-precision integer library
blowfish.c [code]
blowfish.h [code] Blowfish block cipher
bn_mul.h [code] Multi-precision integer library
camellia.c [code]
camellia.h [code] Camellia block cipher
certs.c [code]
certs.h [code] Sample certificates and DHM parameters for testing
check_config.h [code] Consistency checks for configuration options
cipher.c [code] Generic cipher wrapper for PolarSSL
cipher.h [code] Generic cipher wrapper
cipher_wrap.c [code] Generic cipher wrapper for PolarSSL
cipher_wrap.h [code] Cipher wrappers
compat-1.2.h [code] Backwards compatibility header for PolarSSL-1.2 from PolarSSL-1.3
config.h [code] Configuration options (set of defines)
config_orig.h [code]
ctr_drbg.c [code]
ctr_drbg.h [code] CTR_DRBG based on AES-256 (NIST SP 800-90)
debug.c [code]
debug.h [code] Debug functions
des.c [code]
des.h [code] DES block cipher
dhm.c [code]
dhm.h [code] Diffie-Hellman-Merkle key exchange
ecdh.c [code]
ecdh.h [code] Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman
ecdsa.c [code]
ecdsa.h [code] Elliptic curve DSA
ecp.c [code]
ecp.h [code] Elliptic curves over GF(p)
ecp_curves.c [code]
entropy.c [code]
entropy.h [code] Entropy accumulator implementation
entropy_poll.c [code]
entropy_poll.h [code] Platform-specific and custom entropy polling functions
error.c [code]
error.h [code] Error to string translation
gcm.c [code]
gcm.h [code] Galois/Counter mode for 128-bit block ciphers
havege.c [code]
havege.h [code] HAVEGE: HArdware Volatile Entropy Gathering and Expansion
hmac_drbg.c [code]
hmac_drbg.h [code] HMAC_DRBG (NIST SP 800-90A)
main.cpp [code]
md.c [code] Generic message digest wrapper for PolarSSL
md.h [code] Generic message digest wrapper
md2.c [code]
md2.h [code] MD2 message digest algorithm (hash function)
md4.c [code]
md4.h [code] MD4 message digest algorithm (hash function)
md5.c [code]
md5.h [code] MD5 message digest algorithm (hash function)
md_wrap.c [code] Generic message digest wrapper for PolarSSL
md_wrap.h [code] Message digest wrappers
memory.h [code] Memory allocation layer (Deprecated to platform layer)
memory_buffer_alloc.c [code]
memory_buffer_alloc.h [code] Buffer-based memory allocator
net.h [code]
oid.c [code] Object Identifier (OID) database
oid.h [code] Object Identifier (OID) database
openssl.h [code] OpenSSL wrapper (definitions, inline functions)
padlock.c [code]
padlock.h [code] VIA PadLock ACE for HW encryption/decryption supported by some processors
pbkdf2.c [code] Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (from PKCS#5) DEPRECATED: Use pkcs5.c instead
pbkdf2.h [code] Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (from PKCS#5) DEPRECATED: use pkcs5.h instead
pem.c [code]
pem.h [code] Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) decoding
pk.c [code]
pk.h [code] Public Key abstraction layer
pk_wrap.c [code]
pk_wrap.h [code]
pkcs11.c [code] Wrapper for PKCS#11 library libpkcs11-helper
pkcs11.h [code] Wrapper for PKCS#11 library libpkcs11-helper
pkcs12.c [code]
pkcs12.h [code] PKCS#12 Personal Information Exchange Syntax
pkcs5.c [code] PKCS#5 functions
pkcs5.h [code] PKCS#5 functions
pkparse.c [code]
pkwrite.c [code]
platform.c [code]
platform.h [code] PolarSSL Platform abstraction layer
ripemd160.c [code]
ripemd160.h [code] RIPE MD-160 message digest
rsa.c [code]
rsa.h [code] The RSA public-key cryptosystem
sha1.c [code]
sha1.h [code] SHA-1 cryptographic hash function
sha256.c [code]
sha256.h [code] SHA-224 and SHA-256 cryptographic hash function
sha512.c [code]
sha512.h [code] SHA-384 and SHA-512 cryptographic hash function
ssl.h [code] SSL/TLS functions
ssl_cache.c [code]
ssl_cache.h [code] SSL session cache implementation
ssl_ciphersuites.c [code] SSL ciphersuites for PolarSSL
ssl_ciphersuites.h [code] SSL Ciphersuites for PolarSSL
ssl_cli.c [code]
ssl_srv.c [code]
ssl_tls.c [code]
threading.c [code]
threading.h [code] Threading abstraction layer
timing.c [code]
timing.h [code] Portable interface to the CPU cycle counter
version.c [code]
version.h [code] Run-time version information
version_features.c [code]
x509.c [code]
x509.h [code] X.509 generic defines and structures
x509_create.c [code]
x509_crl.c [code]
x509_crl.h [code] X.509 certificate revocation list parsing
x509_crt.c [code]
x509_crt.h [code] X.509 certificate parsing and writing
x509_csr.c [code]
x509_csr.h [code] X.509 certificate signing request parsing and writing
x509write_crt.c [code]
x509write_csr.c [code]
xtea.c [code]
xtea.h [code] XTEA block cipher (32-bit)