A board support package for the LPC4088 Display Module.

Dependencies:   DM_HttpServer DM_USBHost

Dependents:   lpc4088_displaymodule_emwin lpc4088_displaymodule_demo_sphere sampleGUI sampleEmptyGUI ... more

Fork of DMSupport by EmbeddedArtists AB

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for DMSupport


BiosDisplay Glue between the BIOS and the Display interface
BiosLoader Unpacks and prepares the BIOS code
BiosTouch Glue between the BIOS and the TouchPanel interface
Display Display example
DMBoard Example of using the Board class:
GPDMA Wrapper for the General Purpose DMA controller
GPDMA_LLI_Type GPDMA Linker List Item structure type definition
InternalEEPROM Internal EEPROM Driver
MCIFileSystem Access the filesystem on an SD Card using MCI
QSPIFileSystem Access the filesystem on an QSPI flash using SPIFI
RAMFileSystem Creates a FAT file system in SDRAM
Registry Example of using the Registry class:
RtosLog All threads can independantly call the printf function in the RtosLog class without risk of getting the output tangled up
TouchPanel An abstract class that represents touch panels
USBMSD_RAMFS USBMSD_RAMFS class: Allows the mbed board to expose a FAT file system in SDRAM as a USB memory stick


bios.h [code]
BiosDisplay.cpp [code]
BiosDisplay.h [code]
BiosEEPROM.cpp [code]
BiosEEPROM.h [code]
BiosLoader.cpp [code]
BiosLoader.h [code]
BiosTouch.cpp [code]
BiosTouch.h [code]
crc.cpp [code]
crc.h [code]
Display.h [code]
dm_rtc.cpp [code]
dm_rtc.h [code]
DMBoard.cpp [code]
DMBoard.h [code]
ff_rtos_helpers.cpp [code]
GPDMA.cpp [code]
GPDMA.h [code]
InternalEEPROM.cpp [code]
InternalEEPROM.h [code]
MCIFileSystem.cpp [code]
MCIFileSystem.h [code]
meas.h [code]
QSPIFileSystem.cpp [code]
QSPIFileSystem.h [code]
RAMFileSystem.cpp [code]
RAMFileSystem.h [code]
Registry.cpp [code]
Registry.h [code]
RtosLog.cpp [code]
RtosLog.h [code]
sdram.cpp [code]
sdram.h [code]
SPIFI.cpp [code]
SPIFI.h [code]
spifi_rom_api.h [code]
TouchPanel.h [code]
USBMSD_RAMFS.cpp [code]