A board support package for the LPC4088 Display Module.

Dependencies:   DM_HttpServer DM_USBHost

Dependents:   lpc4088_displaymodule_emwin lpc4088_displaymodule_demo_sphere sampleGUI sampleEmptyGUI ... more

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<title>BiosEEPROM Class Reference</title>

BiosEEPROM Class Reference

Bios EEPROM Driver. More...

#include <BiosEEPROM.h>

Public Member Functions

bool read (uint32_t address, char *data, uint32_t size)

Detailed Description

Bios EEPROM Driver.

Definition at line 25 of file BiosEEPROM.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool read ( uint32_t  address,
char *  data,
uint32_t  size 


addressthe address to read from
databuffer to store read data in
sizenumber of bytes to read
True on success False on failure

Definition at line 45 of file BiosEEPROM.cpp.