A basic graphics package for the LPC4088 Display Module.

Dependents:   lpc4088_displaymodule_demo_sphere sampleGUI sampleEmptyGUI lpc4088_displaymodule_fs_aid ... more

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Auto generated API documentation and code listings for DMBasicGUI


App Base class for all Apps
AppColorPicker An App example letting the user pick a color from a colored area
AppLauncher An App example using a number of buttons to launch different Apps
AppSlideShow An App example showing how to use the SlideShow engine
AppTouchCalibration An App example guiding the user through the steps needed to (re)calibrate the touch controller
Button A button with a caption
Clickable Clickable is an abstract base class for the Button and ImageButton
DigitButton The DigitButton is used in the same way as the Button so see it for an example
FONT_T SWIM font data structure
Image Image example
ImageButton The ImageButton is used in the same way as the Button so see it for an example
Renderer Renderer for the SlideShow engine
Resource A resource container to pass around instead of using hardcoded data
SlideShow SlideShow engine
SWIM_WINDOW_T Structure used to store information about a specific window


App.h [code]
AppColorPicker.cpp [code]
AppColorPicker.h [code]
AppLauncher.cpp [code]
AppLauncher.h [code]
AppSlideShow.cpp [code]
AppSlideShow.h [code]
AppTouchCalibration.cpp [code]
AppTouchCalibration.h [code]
bmp.cpp [code]
bmp.h [code]
Button.cpp [code]
Button.h [code]
Clickable.cpp [code]
Clickable.h [code]
DigitButton.cpp [code]
DigitButton.h [code]
Image.cpp [code]
Image.h [code]
ImageButton.cpp [code]
ImageButton.h [code]
lodepng.cpp [code]
lodepng.h [code]
lpc_colors.c [code]
lpc_colors.h [code]
lpc_fonts.c [code]
lpc_fonts.h [code]
lpc_helvr10.c [code]
lpc_helvr10.h [code]
lpc_rom8x16.c [code]
lpc_rom8x16.h [code]
lpc_rom8x8.c [code]
lpc_rom8x8.h [code]
lpc_swim.c [code]
lpc_swim.h [code]
lpc_swim_font.c [code]
lpc_swim_font.h [code]
lpc_swim_image.c [code]
lpc_swim_image.h [code]
lpc_types.h [code]
lpc_winfreesystem14x16.c [code]
lpc_winfreesystem14x16.h [code]
lpc_x5x7.c [code]
lpc_x5x7.h [code]
lpc_x6x13.c [code]
lpc_x6x13.h [code]
Renderer.cpp [code]
Renderer.h [code]
Resource.cpp [code]
Resource.h [code]
SlideShow.cpp [code]
SlideShow.h [code]