Dependents of DMBasicGUI

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Port of the LPC4088 QSB EA LCD Sphere Demo to the LPC4088 DM using the DMSupport lib. Dropping the QSB EALib
Sample GUI for LPC4088. Base code to begin dev
Empty Launcher for the LPC4088. Base code
The purpose of this application is to allow easy manipulation of the QSPI file system from a PC (**NOTE**: Application doesn't work with update to mbed OS 5 since USB … LPC4088DM, QSPI, USBDevice
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Single Photo displayed on LPC4088
Simple application to write a single bitmap to a file in QSPI memory.
First draft of a simple application to read a bitmap from a file in QSPI memory, and display it on the LPC4088 using the easyGUI library.
Repository for import to local machine
Loads bitmaps into QSPI memory for GC500_2_5inch to use.
A simple Hello World program, to demonstrate the current problem with the dm_board_config.h file - if it is in its normal place, the root directory, the project will not build, …
Template for creating new programs for the LPC4088 Display Module display, LPC4088, LPC4088DM, module
Example using the support package for LPC4088 DisplayModule display, LPC4088, LPC4088DM, module
Example using the application launcher. LPC4088DM
Program to benchmark the speed of the different file system options versus placing data directly into arrays. LPC4088DM
The out-of-the-box demo application flashed on all display modules before they are shipped. Display Module, LPC4088DM