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Configuration options

The Mbed CLI configuration syntax is:

mbed config [--global] <var> [value] [--unset]

To see the active Mbed CLI configuration:

$ mbed config --list
[mbed] Global config:
ARM_PATH=C:\Program Files\ARM\armcc5.06
IAR_PATH=C:\Program Files\IAR Workbench 7.0\arm

[mbed] Local config (D:\temp\mbed-os-program):
No local configuration is set

Command options:

Option Explanation
--global Defines the default behavior of Mbed CLI across all applications, unless overridden by local settings.
None Any configuration done without --global is specific to a single Mbed application. It overrides global or default Mbed CLI settings. If you do not specify a value, then Mbed CLI prints the value for this setting in the current working context.
--unset Remove a setting.
--list List global and local configuration.

Available configurations:

Option Explanation Default value
target The default target for compile, test and export; an alias of mbed target. No default.
toolchain The default toolchain for compile and test; can be set through mbed toolchain. No default.
ARM_PATH, ARMC6_PATH, GCC_ARM_PATH, IAR_PATH Define the paths to Arm Compiler, GCC Arm and IAR Workbench toolchains. No default.
protocol The default protocol used for importing or cloning programs and libraries. The possible values are https, http and ssh. Use ssh if you have generated and registered SSH keys (Public Key Authentication) with a service such as GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. For more information, see SSH keys on GitHub. Default: https.
depth The clone depth for importing or cloning. Applies only to Git repositories. Note that though this option may improve cloning speed, it may also prevent you from correctly checking out a dependency tree when the reference revision hash is older than the clone depth. For more information, see shallow clones on GitHub. No default.
cache The local path that stores small copies of the imported or cloned repositories. Mbed CLI uses it to minimize traffic and speed up future imports of the same repositories. Use on or enabled to turn on caching in the system temp path. Use none to turn caching off. Default: none (disabled).
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