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Full API list

Platform APIs

Platform APIs provide general purpose MCU management infrastructure, common data structures and a consistent user experience on top of different standard libraries and toolchains.

Wait Time NonCopyable CircularBuffer
Callback RTC Shared pointer ATCmdParser
DeepSleepLock Debug Span Mbed statistics
Power management (sleep) Memory tracing FileHandle MPU management
Idle loop Error handling Poll ScopedRamExecutionLock
CriticalSectionLock Assert PlatformMutex ScopedRomWriteLock

Drivers APIs

Driver APIs include analog and digital inputs and outputs on development boards, as well as digital interfaces, which allow your board to interface with a computer or external devices.

AnalogIn BusInOut Timeout Flash IAP I2CSlave
AnalogOut PortIn Timer RawSerial CAN
DigitalIn PortOut LowPowerTicker Serial MbedCRC
DigitalOut PortInOut LowPowerTimeout SPI
DigitalInOut PwmOut LowPowerTimer SPISlave
BusIn InterruptIn Watchdog QuadSPI (QSPI)
BusOut Ticker ResetReason I2C


The Mbed OS RTOS capabilities include managing objects such as threads, synchronization objects and timers. It also provides interfaces for attaching an application-specific idle hook function, reads the OS tick count and implements functionality to report RTOS errors.

Thread Semaphore UserAllocatedEvent EventFlags Kernel interface functions
ThisThread Queue MemoryPool Event
Mutex EventQueue Mail ConditionVariable


The Mbed OS classes providing USB peripheral functionality, also known as USB components, inherit from USBDevice and provide specific USB peripherial functionality.


Network socket APIs

Network socket APIs include the application programming interface for IP networking. In Mbed OS, this API supports both TCP and UDP protocols.

Socket TCPSocket Non-IP cellular socket TLSSocket SocketStats
UDPSocket SocketAddress DNS resolver DTLSSocket

Network interfaces APIs

Network interfaces are the application level APIs where users choose the driver, connectivity method and IP stack. These include ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular and mesh interfaces.

Ethernet Cellular Network status
Wi-Fi Mesh

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) APIs

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is a low power wireless technology standard for building personal area networks. Typical applications of BLE are health care, fitness trackers, beacons, smart home, security, entertainment, proximity sensors, industrial and automotive.

BLE GattClient SecurityManager HeartRateService
GAP GattServer BatteryService iBeacon


Arm Mbed OS provides a native network stack for LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN is a technology designed for low-power battery-powered devices. These devices operate in an unlicensed spectrum, creating high density wide-area networks.



You can use Near-Field Communication (NFC), a short-range radio technology, to enable use cases such as contactless payments, access control and device pairing.

NFCController MessageParser MessageBuilder
NFC EEPROM SimpleMessageParser

Security API

With Arm Mbed TLS, a comprehensive SSL/TLS solution, you can include cryptographic and SSL/TLS capabilities in your code.

PSA attestation PSA lifecycle DeviceKey
Mbed Crypto TLS

Storage APIs

The storage APIs include file system APIs, for file system operations, and block devices, which provide the raw storage for the file systems.

KVStore LittleFileSystem ChainingBlockDevice DataFlashBlockDevice NVStore
Static Global API FATFileSystem SlicingBlockDevice FlashIAPBlockDevice PSA internal storage
FileSystem BlockDevice ProfilingBlockDevice SDBlockDevice PSA protected storage
Dir HeapBlockDevice BufferedBlockDevice SPIFlashBlockDevice
File MBRBlockDevice FlashSimBlockDevice QSPIFBlockDevice
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