Dependents of ConfigFile

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

A test program for ConfigFile library. Config, file ExpansionBoardOne, StarBoard
This is a demonstration of two Choro Q Hybrid cars. choroQ
mbed Phone Platform
World Wide Data Logger using mbed. data, logger, Pachube
Program for decoding radio-signals sent by a ETH-Window-Shutter-Contact, received with a RFM12B-module. The messages are sent to KNX via a freebus rs-interface. Details see freebus, KNX, RFM12B
Program the control the fischertechnik robo interface or intelligent interface via tcp socket or via a java gui. fischertechnik, http, Java, robo, TCP
mbed Weather Platform firmware
mbed Weather Platform firmware bmp085, Pachube, SHT15, station, twitter, weather
ネットワークアップデート機能とか、Pachubeへの情報登録とかの処理を追加しています counter, geiger, sbm-20
http:// geiger, mark2, mk2r2
mbed/ARM 活用事例 第3章 SDカードを使ってファイルを操作するプログラムを作る CHS-UGS, ConfigFile, eleki-jack, hygrometer, LM35, NTP, TextLCD, thermometer
The xplane_io (X-Plane I/O) program is used to establish network communications, via UDP, with the X-Plane flight simulator running on a computer. The code consists of class libraries that abstract … flight, Simulator, UDP, X-Plane
A porting of a GPS decoding and presenting program within the mbos RTOS. It is not a definitive application but a study program to test NMEA full decoding library and … GPS, mbos, NMEA, rtos
DMX interface (DMX in/out, Art-Net in/out, DMX patch) Art-Net, artnet, Dimmer, DMX, DMX512, Patch
mbed Weather Platform firmware bmp085, Pachube, SHT15, station, twitter, weather
Hi. This is the feed program for Cosm. (The previous name of the services is Pachube.) cosm, Pachube
mini code pour xbee
code d'envoie de trame
EMIR - Ekvitermní mikroprocesorová regulace czech, emir, heating, hvac
Quadcopter software. Flying - Contact me for more details or a copy of the PC ground station code
New version of quadcopter software written to OO principles
A retro gaming programme, designed for use on a portable embedded system. Incorporates power saving techniques.
IPS(Interpreter for Process Structures) for mbed
sample config file
output only raw data (acceleration, anguler rate, geomagnetism, air pressure)
/ RobotArmDemo Featured
demo project
Project tcp/ws and utilities
Read Config File