Karl Zweimüller

Altheim, Austria

Trying to get into electronics and microcontrollers again with mbed after many years of absence. Have an mbed an 2x16LCD, 2 DS1820 , an mechanical rotary-encoder some RFM12B and RFM22B transceiver-modules and I'm playing around with these and see what comes out....

Another hot topic is "self-made knx" : http://www.freebus.org/ I've got some components up and running in my new home.

Karl’s public repositories

  • 24LCxx_I2C

    Fork of 24LCxx_I2C. Works for Renesas EEPROMs. Fixes problems with PageWrites over page boundaries.

    Last updated: 12 Jan 2015 5 14
  • BMP280

    Library for Bosch BMP280 temperature and pressure sensor

    bmp280, pressure, Temperature
    Last updated: 25 May 2017 9 159
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Program for decoding radio-signals sent by a ETH-Window-Shutter-Contact, received with a RFM12B-module. The messages are sent to KNX via a freebus rs-interface. Details see http://mbed.org/users/charly/notebook/connecting-a-radio-window-shutter-contact-to-knx/

    freebus, KNX, RFM12B
    Last updated: 27 Apr 2011 1 14
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Programm for decoding radio-signals sent by a ETH-Window-Shutter-Contact, received with a RFM12B-module

    ETH-Comfort, RFM12B
    Last updated: 07 Apr 2011 2 16
  • LcdWindow

    Fork of LCD-Window which works with Enhanced TextLCD from Wim

    LcdWindow, TextLCD
    Last updated: 13 Jan 2016 14 5
  • Menu

    Library to display menus on TextLCDs. Interaction with functions Up,Down and Select (Buttons or RPG) Based on menu-library from pyeh9

    LCD, menu, TextLCD
    Last updated: 13 Jan 2016 12 29
  • mRotaryEncoder

    Class mRotaryEncoder for mechanical incremental rotary encoders with pushbuttons. Use debouncing and callback-functions for rotation and pressing of button.

    Encoder, QEI, qudrature, rotary
    Last updated: 26 Feb 2016 11 636
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Hello World test program for mRotaryEncoder.

    Last updated: 29 Nov 2010 1 52
  • PixelArray

    Only update of BurstSPI-Library

    Last updated: 05 Nov 2017 7 2
  • RF22

    Library for HopeRF RFM22 / RFM22B transceiver module ported to mbed. Original Software from Mike McCauley (mikem@open.com.au) . See http://www.open.com.au/mikem/arduino/RF22/

    HOPERF, RF22, RFM22
    Last updated: 02 Sep 2013 10 276
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