Hello! I'm tedd. I was an engineer for chips.
Let's enjoy mbed!


Your comments and pull requests for my code are welcome!

Tedd’s public repositories

a sample code for mbed fest hands-on (ふれあいコーナー)
StepperMotor class lib simple sample
Stepper motor control class library
Hello program for StepperMotorUni library
Unipolar stepper motor operation library
GPIO pin operation sample of SC18IM700
sample of getting console key
this transfers data (which is stored in "bin" file in mbed storage) into LPC1114, LPC1115, LPC81x, LPC82x, LPC1768/LPC1769 and LPC11U68/LPC11E68 internal flash memory through ISP.
Test program for SB1602E class library
PCA9956B (24ch LED controller). Simple 2 demoboards operation.
Directry file listing class Instance will be a vector of string class which holds the file name of given path.
just a sample of what can be done
A simple musical instrument application using pressure and distance measuring sensors
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