Firmware update required

Please make sure you have updated your LPCXpresso to the latest firmware to enable the mbed flash disk interface


The LPC1549 LPCXpresso™ board with NXP's LPC1549 Cortex-M3 microcontroller is designed to make it as easy as possible to get started with your project. LPCXpresso is a low-cost development platform available from NXP supporting NXP's ARM-based microcontrollers. LPCXpresso is an end-to-end solution enabling embedded engineers to develop their applications from initial evaluation to final production.

LPCXpresso Pinout


  • NXP LPC1549 MCU
    • ARM® Cortex™-M3 Core
    • 72MHz, 36KB RAM, 256KB FLASH
    • USB Device, 2xSPI, I2C , UART, 6xADC, GPIO
  • Arduino form-factor
    • Leveraging the standard
    • Compatible with a wide range of commercially available shields
    • Built-in USB drag 'n' drop FLASH programmer
  • mbed.org Developer Website
    • Online Compiler
    • High level C/C++ SDK
    • Active devleoper community


Please note that mbed SDK of this platform support SWM (switch matrix) function, so you can assign any pins to any functions except AnalogIn, AnalogOut and I2C.

Supported shields on this platform

Shield nameShield typeProduct pageSupport status
/thumb?filename=components/components/appshield_1.png&size=24x16mbed Application ShieldDisplay, SensorsClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/lcd-shield-front-001_large.pngv1308222352&size=24x16Freetronics 16x2 LCDDisplayClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/SD_card_shieldV4.0.jpg&size=24x16Seeed SDCard V4bStorageClick to viewSupported (1)
/thumb?filename=components/components/500px-IMG_0039.jpg&size=24x16W5200 EthernetConnectivityClick to viewSupported (1)
/thumb?filename=components/components/IMG_7577.JPG&size=24x16Seeed WifiConnectivityClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/Bluetooth20Sld.jpg&size=24x16Seeed BluetoothConnectivityClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/NFC20SLD.jpg&size=24x16Seeed NFC V2ConnectivityClick to viewSupported (1)
/thumb?filename=components/components/Xbeeshield_01.jpg&size=24x16Seeed XBee V2ConnectivityClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/GPRS_ShieldV2.0.jpg&size=24x16Seeed GPRS V2ConnectivityClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/2014-04-16_22.18.52.jpg&size=24x16Ciseco SRFConnectivityClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=uploads/YWINGE/gps_cropped5.jpg&size=24x16CSR GPSSensorsClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/photo_2.JPG&size=24x16Sparkfun GPSSensorsClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/Milti-axis.PNG&size=24x16Freescale Multi-SensorSensorsClick to viewSupported (2)
/thumb?filename=components/components/2a218b143711342426c968360c3f95cc.image.530x397.jpg&size=24x16Seeed ELDriversClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/Relayshield_01.jpg&size=24x16Seeed Relay V2ActuatorsClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/Energy_Shield.jpg&size=24x16Seeed EnergyPower supplyClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/Seeed_Solar_Shield.jpg&size=24x16Seeed Charger V2Power supplyClick to viewSupported
/thumb?filename=components/components/ae6c622dee3885e07e94e5716c732a46.image.530x397.jpg&size=24x16Seeed Grove V2Hook-upClick to viewSupported

Shields support notes

  • (1) - This shield requires SPI pins remapping because it uses a non-standard 6 pin SPI connector. Please refer to the shield page on mbed for more information.
  • (2) - This shield uses I2C on A4/A5 pins and requires bridging of A4<->D14 and A5<->D15.

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