Switch Science mbed LPC824

The Switch Science mbed LPC824 operates at CPU frequencies of 30 MHz. The LPC824 includes up to 32 kB of flash memory, up to 8 kB of data memory, four I2C-bus interface, up to three UARTs, up to two SPI interfaces, function-configurable I/O ports through a switch matrix, one12-bit ADC, and up to 22 general purpose I/O pins.



  • Please note that mbed SDK of this platform support SWM (switch matrix) function, so you can assign any pins to any functions such as Serial, SPI and PwmOut except AnalogIn and I2C0.
  • This platform support 4 channel PwmOut instances and they can be assigned any pins. However, period of PwmOut cycle is shared by each 4ch PwmOut due to SCT hardware specification.




To export Keil uVision4 project from online IDE, please refer here.

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