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describes how to make lib/comp in japanese
I/V characteristic of LPC1768 pin which is configured as input&pullup. Just a memo for my self.
Describes a sample code for erasing/writing LPC1768's internal flash memory. It uses IAP (In-Application Programming) routines on internal ROM.
Pinout pictures for LPC1114
File copying from Yosemite (Mac OS X 10.10.x) to HDK-based-mbed cannot be done at this moment. This is a small tool to perform D&D copy instead of command on terminal.
Explain I2C function calls and transaction on the I2C bus. Using PCA9532 and ISL29003 devices.
mbedを使う上での小ネタを少し. mbed Advent Calendar 2014向けのネタページ
"PCF2127A" : I2C/SPI high accuracy real time clock (RTC) chip demo
A simple tool for Mac to enable copying binary into USB-ISP mode target.
Text LCD "SB1602E" operation sample
"LM75B" : I2C digital temperature sensor demo
Notebook page for sample/demo codes for the "LPCXpresso base board" operation. The sample codes are intened to use basic training sessions for new mbed users.
A simple thermometer program measures two point(location) with two temperature sensors and those are shown on text LCD. Those sensors and LCD shares one I2C bus.
A sample code for temperature sensor LM75B