Dependents of mbed-dsp

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

This is a small program we use to see how long something takes. It runs the code in the while loop a lot of times and prints out how many …
DSP program for the Surfboard hardware (PCB to be open sourced) http://www.avbotz.com/ourauv/electrical/signal-processing/
Generates RTTY from a GPS receiver amateur, aprs, Balloon, GPS, HAM, Radio, RTTY
Capstone project files
uses armmath has two swithcable filters
elke 2 sec verandering van richting
2 sec interval: rechtsom, linksom, pauze
Programma om motor 1 aan te sturen BMTK9, Motoraansturing
Functie van het slaan van de bal
Alles bij elkaar
alles in elkaar met de mooie manier van de regelaar
Script voor aansturen motoren
alles in elkaar met de mooie manier van de regelaar
2014-10-15 Arm 1 naar thuispositie. Eerste poging, fout in keep_in_range
An example of importing Embedded Coder code into the mbed IDE. Currently doesn't connect IO to PWM, ADC, and Encoder, instead provides random inputs and measures execution time.
Code for the car to drive in a figure eight motion
tcp communication
This is a simple EMG Controller for a bionic hand prosthesis Electromyography, EMG, Galileo Hand, Prosthesis, Upper Limb Prosthetic
Galileo Hand Basic Example implemented on FRDM K64F
Hybrid sEMG + IMU activated controller for Galileo Bionic Hand Prosthesis
Roll & Pitch Angles (Kalman Filter) Hoverboard, IMU, PID, Swagway
Drivers for the mini robot designed for Princeton's MAE 433 course.
fft test software using cmsis DSP library FRDM k22f
fft test on frdm k64f
software implementing neural network trained on actual motor data
using LUT generate sine, square, triangle wave with variable freq
24bit 48kHz Audio Delay
Stepper motor tester version 1 for the STM32F303K8 Nucleo development board
Sample program of the mbed Audio Framework for the Nucleo F746ZG audio, f746ZG, Nucleo, unzen
Experimental implementation of the adaptive filter of "Interface" magazine in 2016-2017
Synthesizer based on the Unzen / Nucleo F746ZG
program for an optical modulator bias controller. Input signal is converted by ADC via fastanalogin, then filtered using FIR filters. The signal is processed and the DAC has an output …
Class to interface with the Disgruntled Car.
Simple example to show how to get an estimation of the attitude with a 9DOF IMU and the Kalman filter
Radio controlled Quadcopter, FRDM K64f, ZIgbee Radio Modules, ESCs
An floppy drive audio generator using dsp on live audio