Dependents of BSP_DISCO_F429ZI

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Final demo of doing Gauge Needle Detection on F429.
keil uvision5 discovery serial+motor
Basic example showing how to drive the LCD. DISCO_F429ZI, LCD
Basic example showing how to use the Gyroscope (L3GD20 device) present on DISCO_F429ZI board. DISCO_F429ZI, gyroscope
Basic demo showing how to use the touch screen present on the DISCO_F429ZI board. DISCO_F429ZI, LCD, Touch Screen
Example showing how to drive the IS42S16400J SDRAM memory mounted on STM32F429I-Discovery board. DISCO_F429ZI, sdram
Test of ADNS3080 on DISCO_F429ZI
Basic can bus example with LCD hint
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