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3D printed, mbed powered Quadrocopter prototyped in two weeks!

Check out this custom quadrocopter, taken from concept to flight in just 2 weeks built using a RepRap 3D printer and an mbed for the electronics and control!


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Human exoskeleton developed using mbed


After student Austin Whitney was paralysed in a car accident, a few graduate students under Professor Homayoon Kazerooni at Berkeley took on the challenge to get him walking again.

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Circuit Cellar Design Challenge results are in!

Circuit Cellar have announced the results of the mbed NXP Design Challenge!

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Some more mbed videos!

Here are a selection of mbed videos that have turned up on YouTube over the last couple of weeks, showing off some of the projects you are up to...

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Circuit Cellar Design Challenge results will be announced at ESC!

Did you enter the Circuit Cellar design challenge? Well, the results are going to be announced soon...

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Some preparation for Gadget Show!

With only a few days to go until the Gadget Show, here are some photos taken around the mbed HQ for hints of what we'll be up to...

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mbed at the Gadget Show Live!

Next week, the Gadget Show Live! in Birmingham, UK will play host to all the latest gadgets from across the world. Well, mbed is now going to be there too, sharing a little of what goes on behind all those shiny covers!

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mbed projects on YouTube!

Lots of mbed project videos are starting to appear, so we've been adding those we find to our mbedmicro YouTube channel. Here are a selection we added recently for some light inspiration towards the end of the week...

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Spot mbed at Embedded World!

We'll be at Embedded World in Nuremberg over the next few days. Here are a few mbed-related things we hope will be spotted there...

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Under a week to go!

The deadline for the Circuit Cellar NXP Design Challenge is under a week away...

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