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mbed let loose on Arduino shields!

Hack-a-day described mbed as "Arduino. On steroids. With claws and fangs.". The Arduino is a great platform and has rightly built up a strong following of tinkerers. What it has also done is stimulated a lot of bolt-on technologies to become accessible in the form of "shields". Well, it seems someone has been busy making a breakout to let the power of mbed loose on any of these great shields too...

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Come and work for us!

The mbed platform hasn't been around long and it is still early days, but it is already proving a great success. We are therefore looking for some really talented engineers, who share our vision, to join the mbed team and make it even better...

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Compiler support for user libraries now on beta!

We've now made a major compiler and website update available for beta trials. The highlight of this update is support for developing and publishing your own libraries. Here are the details, along with the other features and updates we've added...

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mbed out and about

I was adding some mbed events to our calander and realised we've actually got quite a lot coming up this next month or so. I thought it'd be worth capturing where we'll be incase any of you mbed early-adopters can come and say hi, or any newbies want to find out what mbed is all about! Here is what is coming up...

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Site update: Program documentation, wiki macros

A few days ago we released an upgrade to mbed.org. First, the highlights:

  1. You can now see the code of published projects
  2. Published projects come with Doxygen powered documentation
  3. The documentation of published projects is integrated within the mbed wikis

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E-KTN mbed workshop - New date added

Due to the popularity of the workshop in Cambridge on 29th July, E-KTN have decided to run this workshop again: Portsmouth University, Tuesday 14th September, 09.30.

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mbed Breakout Board and Starter Kits!

Take a look at these awesome new mbed-related products that were posted in our announcements forum by Cool Components and SK Pang...

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Library Update: CAN and I2C

Version 24 of the library has gone live. Highlights are:

  • CAN additions
  • I2C Slave class
  • I2C, Ethernet bugfixes

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E-KTN to run mbed workshop on July 29th

Dan Dearing of the UK's Electronics Knowledge Transfer Network (E-KTN), will be running a one day mbed workshop at the ARM headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

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Library Update: CAN, Serial transmit and I2C

We've put a new version of the library live (version 23). The highlights are:

  • CAN fixes
  • Serial transmit interrupt added
  • I2C low level routines added

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