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Our mbed twitter controlled Etch-a-sketch is live!

Check out our mbed-powered, LOGO interpreting, twitter-controlled etch-a-sketch at http://mbed.org/etch-a-sketch/ :)

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mbed Scoops EDN Innovation Award!

While we were sleeping in the UK, Simon was busy in San Jose, California, preparing for the Embedded System Conference, which starts today.

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mbed Etch-A-Sketch! (pt1)

I mentioned in the earlier post about ESC that we had an idea for a demo. Well today Chris had a go putting together the hardware part...

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mbed Robot Swarm!

I just heard from Lucas that the mbed Robot Workshop featured in the Argentinian Symposium on Embedded Systems (SASE) will be running again!

Whilst we're waiting on details, here is what happened the first time...

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mbed @ ESC Silicon Valley!

The Embedded Systems Conference is running April 26-29th in Silicon Valley, and we'll be there! Hopefully with a nice demo...

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mbed.org cloud now being served from mbed Microcontrollers!

You may have noticed some slight disruption on the website last night, here is why. After a few weeks of planning, research and development, we've finally bought up an array of 10 mbeds to serve the mbed cloud.

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Hello World! - mbed Projects Roundup #1

We've seen a few interesting projects cropping up over the last week, so I thought it might be worth putting together an occasional blog to share things that are springing to life around mbed-land.

Here are some that caught our eye recently...

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Argentinean Symposium on Embedded Systems (SASE)

A few weeks ago, Ariel Lutenberg and his hard working collaborative put on an impressive event in Buenos Aires that attracted over 500 eager embedded engineers to learn about, discuss and develop with embedded systems; not bad for a first attempt!

The agenda included an excellent mbed workshop, involving programming mbed-based line following robots as part of an introduction to working with microcontrollers; you'll have to wait until part 2 where we'll have some details (and videos!) from Lucas and Joaquin, the workshop organisers.

Congratulations to Ariel and everyone involved for pulling off such a successful event! Let's hope this leads to SASE2011.

So in our first guest blog, here is Ariel with a great writeup of SASE2010:

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Google Award for mbed project

Sixth former Will Reynolds from The Perse School in Cambridge won the 'Google Technology Trailblazer Prize' at the Big Bang 2010 science fair in Manchester last Friday for his mbed based mimicking robot arm.

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ARM & The Future Of Microcontrollers - 19th May 2010

Hitex is holding a one day conference and exhibition at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham to be held on Wednesday 19th May 2010. Over the course of this one day conference you will get an overview of the key developments in the rapidly expanding area of ARM based Microcontrollers

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