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Argentinean Symposium on Embedded Systems (SASE)

A few weeks ago, Ariel Lutenberg and his hard working collaborative put on an impressive event in Buenos Aires that attracted over 500 eager embedded engineers to learn about, discuss and develop with embedded systems; not bad for a first attempt!

The agenda included an excellent mbed workshop, involving programming mbed-based line following robots as part of an introduction to working with microcontrollers; you'll have to wait until part 2 where we'll have some details (and videos!) from Lucas and Joaquin, the workshop organisers.

Congratulations to Ariel and everyone involved for pulling off such a successful event! Let's hope this leads to SASE2011.

So in our first guest blog, here is Ariel with a great writeup of SASE2010:

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Google Award for mbed project

Sixth former Will Reynolds from The Perse School in Cambridge won the 'Google Technology Trailblazer Prize' at the Big Bang 2010 science fair in Manchester last Friday for his mbed based mimicking robot arm.

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ARM & The Future Of Microcontrollers - 19th May 2010

Hitex is holding a one day conference and exhibition at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham to be held on Wednesday 19th May 2010. Over the course of this one day conference you will get an overview of the key developments in the rapidly expanding area of ARM based Microcontrollers

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mbed will be at Makerfaire Newcastle!

mbed will be at Makerfaire! (March 13-14, Newcastle, UK)

If you're there, come over and say hi!

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Site update: 1.4

I've just released a new site update which adds amongst other things, the following requested features:

  • Favouriting
  • Private messaging

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mbed in the EDN Innovation Finals, and at Embedded World!

An unexpected email this week told me mbed has been chosen for the finals of the EDN Innovation awards. That's pretty cool!

If you think we'd be a worthy winner for their tools category, it'd be great if you could support us and go and vote for mbed to win! It'd be an honour to win something like this, and certainly we never dreamed of being considered in these sorts of thing when we launched 4 months ago!

Next up, embedded world...

We're going to be out at embedded world next week in Nuremberg. We'll be around the show floor, and NXP should have a demo setup on their stand to play with so I'm sure we'll hang about that too. So if you are visiting, come and say hi!

We also noticed the last day at Nuremberg is Student Day, so if you are a student visiting who is using mbed in a project, or you are planning to, come and have a chat about your ideas. We're thinking of sponsoring a few student projects with mbed's too, so come and make your case :)

mbed & Silica Seminar in the UK

Hello from Munich Airport!

I just got confirmation of a couple of mbed "lunch 'n' learn" introductory events Silica have planned in the UK:

For all the details, see their mbed & Silica Seminar in the UK page, which includes a link to register for them.

mbed Internet Controlled Scrolling Numitron on Hackaday!

We just spotted this cool mbed project on hackaday! Check it out:

According to Dave who created it, it was just a quick test project; can't wait for any *real* projects!

For all the geeky details, check out his full writeup on limpfish.com. Nice Work :)

mbed @ Sparkfun!

mbed is now available from Sparkfun!

If you haven't seen these guys before, you really have to check them out. This is one of the best places we've found on the net for getting hold of interesting modules and fiddly components on breakout boards.

We've been using Sparkfun parts for a long time now to help test and refine mbed, so it is great to see it up there as one of them now :)

Thanks Sparkfun, for everything!

NIDays2010 Paper Contest!

I just had an email land in my inbox from National Instruments advertising a "Paper Contest" for an event called NIDays2010:

It looks like they are offering prizes for papers written about projects using NI software (things like LabView) in interesting ways. If there are any LabView gurus out there (or gurus in training), perhaps an mbed + LabView combo could make a really interesting entry?! And the prizes include a LEGO mindstorms!

Here is the main blurb for the competition:

"Submit your most innovative solution for measurement and automation to the NIDays 2010 Paper Contest – the technical paper contest that showcases the most innovative uses of virtual instrumentation and Graphical System Design in teaching or research as well as from engineers in industry."

It'd be great to see some projects using mbed and LabView together, and there must be scope for doing some really new and innovative things. For the full details, see:

If anyone does decide to enter, please keep us up to date on how you get on.

p.s. if you are a student with a great idea for entering this competition, but you don't have your own mbed yet, we'll consider sponsoring a few of the most interesting and worthy projects; email us at sponsorship@mbed.org with your proposal and we'll pick a few of the best to sponsor with an mbed to help get your idea off the ground.

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