Results of 2020 Mbed Developer Survey

Hi Mbed developers!

Today we are publishing the report of 2020 Mbed Developer Survey. By reading this report, you are able to get an updated view of the whole Mbed community, the technology and tools in use, as well as the challenges and considerations that Mbed developers have in the development process.

Available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, the 2020 Mbed Developer Survey was actively promoted on the Mbed website from 11th Nov to 31st Dec 2020. In total, we received 1,306 responses from over 72 countries/ regions - If you have filled in the survey, we would like to thank you for your support! We learned a lot from this survey, here are some key findings:

Key findings

  • Mbed community consists of skilful embedded software developers. 44% of our community use Mbed for professional purposes.
  • 70% of our professional developers are familiar with IoT, 63% of them use Mbed to build IoT projects.
  • Over 80% of IoT projects built with Mbed can be moved into production in 12 months.
  • Industrial automation and smart spaces are the top 2 areas that Mbed is used for.
  • Around half of Mbed users have already adopted Mbed OS 6.
  • Mbed Studio has become the most popular IDE for professionals and hobbyists, though Mbed Online Compiler is still heavily used by academics.
  • Security is an important issue in the IoT industry. Over 50% of companies work on IoT projects are likely to increase BOM to protect against malicious firmware update and unauthorized use.
  • AWS (47%), Azure (27%), and Google (21%) are the top 3 cloud services used by professional Mbed developers.
  • More than half of our hobbyist developers said building Mbed project helps them learn new skills, which will benefit their career.

You can find out more details in our full report - Download the full report

Wen Chou, Lead UX Researcher

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