Hello! I'm Simon and I help make mbed...

Simon’s public repositories

TextLCD library for controlling various LCD panels based on the HD44780 4-bit interface
Example showing how to avoid new with fixed pin names
A simple example of controlling outputs based on input thresholds
Example of setting stdout baudrate
Debug library for instrumentation a.k.a printf debugging
Simple example of reading a single character and a series of characters in to a buffer from a serial port
Simple program showing code running based on switch position/pin state
RN-42 Hello World experiments
Example showing \"hang\" when reading from bad pointer, and catching this in the HardFault_Handler
The default Hello World program, used when you create a new program
USBMouse Hello World (beta)
ID12RFID library, quickly modified to use interrupt driven reception instead so it doesn\'t block
Twittering Billy Bass plays back samples and looks out for and reads twitters!
CMSIS DSP Library from CMSIS 2.0. See http://www.onarm.com/cmsis/ for full details
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