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On the mbed Whiteboard!

A snapshot of something currently on the mbed whiteboard...


This is a first sketch of an idea for a really small experiment/workshop board. The basic aim is to pack a board full of interesting components that use the different interfaces of the mbed, and that can be used for experiments in labs and workshops.

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Help people discover the mbed Microcontroller!

For a bit of promotional fun to help more people discover mbed, I thought I'd have a little prize draw.


By the end of the week, I'm going to choose 5 tweeters at random who tweet:

"Check out the mbed Microcontroller, and retweet this for a chance to win one! http://bit.ly/mPAKOz"

..and send them a free mbed! To make it easy, you can just click below to tweet the message and enter :)

So, what is the idea?!

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mbed tank controlled by Kinect!

Looks like someone has a Kinect capturing the input to control a wireless mbed tank!

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mbed Course Notes in development!

Rob Toulson from Anglia Ruskin University and Tim Wilmshurst from University of Derby are working on developing some course notes to support lectures, workshops and self-learning using mbed. They've now started to post some of the drafts online, and are encouraging feedback to help with development. Take a look at what they have so far:


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Checkout mbed Workspace Version Control!

The new beta version of the mbed Online Compiler now lets any of your programs start using Version Control by simply making your first commit. Here is a video for an intro to some of the features in action:

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mbed moves to new offices!

This week, we've been moving house! Come have a look!

Here is what will become our new workshop:


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Can you see my mbed robot?

Can you see the mbed robot prototype in this video?!

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TROBOT 4.0: A Miniature Articulated Robot

Toby Baumgartner is looking for pledges to help his TROBOT 4.0 become reality.

Toby: "The TROBOT is a miniature six-axis articulated robot, modeled after large industrial & assembly line robots. The goal of this project is to design and build the next generation TROBOT 4.0. Version 4 will be slightly larger and much improved over its predecessors. Featuring smoother motion, a stronger mechanical structure, more payload capacity, and more precision."

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mbed talks to Android via ADK Open Accessory API!

Google announced that Android 3.1 added "Android Open Accessory" support and the ADK, allowing external USB hardware to interact with an Android-powered device.

Because mbed has a USB Host interface built in already, that means it can theoretically be used to prototype Android Open Accessories. And it looks like some of you are already making great progress! Check this out:

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