New TestBed board from Elmicro!

Oliver over at ELMICRO told me about a great new board they've put out for mbed. Meet the mbed TestBed!


Looks like a great platform for easy access to all the signals. Here are all the details from ELMICRO:

"TestBed is a versatile carrier board for the mbed microcontroller module. The TestBed provides interfaces for RS485, RS232-TTL, CAN and Ethernet as well as an XBee socket which grants access to the ever-growing family of wireless communication modules being available in the popular XBee form factor. It also provides the necessary power supply circuitry and a 100mil-spaced prototyping area, and even a socket for Arduino shields!"

You can also get it as a complete starter kit with mbed and TestBed, a white-on-blue 20x4 alphanumeric LC display, cables, connectors and mounting material plus a wall plug power supply unit. You can find out all the details at:

4 comments on New TestBed board from Elmicro!:

12 Oct 2011

Best test board for the mbed that I've seen so far despite its larger size (which can be a blessing to most that like space).

12 Oct 2011

no way of ordering one of these online? The Uk distrubutors dont list it on their site, neither does the Belgian or netherlands distributors and the German sites are all telephone numbers??

13 Oct 2011

just got one today, start experimenting now. You have to order per email. think i found for international contact or look at their site

10 Nov 2013

Got a Testbed for mbed and I have a question regarding the UART pinouts for the Arduino shield. On an Arduino (Uno for exampe), Pin 1 is RX and Pin 2 is TX. On the Testbed, pin 1 goes to the TX on the mbed and pin 2 goes to the RX - I think this is a mistake? Would this mean that shields which rely on the UART won't work (TX and RX and swapped)...? Has anyone actually got an Arduino shield with UART to work correctly with the Testbed?

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