Bootloading a custom LPC1768 PCB using your mbed!

After you've finished building a prototype with mbed and have progressed to spinning your own custom product PCB using the LPC1768, the same program binary can just work on it too; the .bin files really are just a raw ARM binary images for the LPC1768 chip.

But you'll need a way to get it in to the microcontrollers FLASH. It looks like <<user daugihao="">> has been busy and written some code that turns your mbed in to a drag-n-drop programmer to drive the LPC1768 chip's bootloader, so you can use an mbed to program your custom board!

You can see his full write-up in the cookbook:

Looks like it could be very useful!

1 comment on Bootloading a custom LPC1768 PCB using your mbed!:

05 Oct 2011

Thanks a lot. This was a challenge for my application.

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