Mbed OS Tech Forum: June edition

Please join us, slightly later than planned, for the June edition of the Mbed Tech Forum at 5 pm BST (6 pm CET, 9 am Pacific) on June 23rd where Don and Andy will be joined by Joe Alderson, Rob Moran and Arek Zaluski from Arm’s Developer Services Group to talk about the newly launched Keil Studio IDE.

The developer experience has always been at the centre of our work on Mbed, and the Mbed Online Compiler and mbed.com website have been fundamental to our approach. With that in mind, the team have been developing Keil Studio, a new cloud-based development environment that will result in a quicker and more intuitive way to move through the development process. Keil Studio is an evolution of the team’s work with Mbed Studio and is currently available as an open beta. Many of the features will be familiar to Mbed Studio users already, and Arek and Rob will lead us through some example workflows showing how Keil Studio can be used by those developers more familiar with the Mbed Online Compiler and Mbed Studio.

The workflows we plan to walk through cover:

  • Setting up the Keil Studio environment with Mbed
  • Importing existing projects to the IDE
  • Compiling and flashing a board

We’ll also take any questions you have during the livestream and do our best to answer them on the spot.

Joe will also give us some insights into future feature enhancements planned for Keil Studio.

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As always, we value your experience and knowledge and encourage you to contribute to the Tech Forum – we look forward to hearing from you on Wednesday 23rd!

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