On the mbed Whiteboard!

A snapshot of something currently on the mbed whiteboard...


This is a first sketch of an idea for a really small experiment/workshop board. The basic aim is to pack a board full of interesting components that use the different interfaces of the mbed, and that can be used for experiments in labs and workshops.

Alex Louden published his design for a breakout board the size of a business card a while back, so when we decided to look at a self-contained experimenter board, it seemed a shame not to try and continue the trend!

Easy to draw on a board, but now Ioannis is working out if we really can cram that 0.5m drawing down to a PCB the size of a business card! We'll tell you how it goes...

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14 Jul 2011

You should seriously consider hiring a women If you don't have one already.

14 Jul 2011

If you want to use a SPI LCD : http://mbed.org/cookbook/SPI-driven-QVGA-TFT

Color is much more fun !

I'm currently working on the touch lib.


14 Jul 2011

Hey, that LCD looks lovely. Post a video of it action if you get a chance; would help give a perspective of size!

15 Jul 2011

I think a nice color LCD with a touchscreen on an mbed breakout board would be completely awesome. I would love to get one with something like this (http://tiny.cc/rkl1f; it's fairly cheap and includes micro-sd slot) on it. You could probably even put the lcd on the backside or something to save room and keep the business card size.

17 Jul 2011

I like too feed the serious engineers ( with more experience then i). I have make some pictures with different ideas. /media/uploads/driedee/mbed-io_model_-1-.pdf And of course one of the LCD from one of the others.

19 Jul 2011

Hello Simon, have a look at : http://mbed.org/users/dreschpe/notebook/micro-paint/ Here is your video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spCLFkKMMS4

It is difficult to film a TFT. The color is much better. Peter

21 Jul 2011

ooohhh I know infrared light like the kinect:) and a switch ohhhhhhh haah:)

27 Jul 2011

Have you ever considered a development board that sits in a PCI slot?

22 Aug 2011

I have a suggestion for the board here: http://mbed.org/forum/mbed/topic/2618/

22 Aug 2011

Excellent concept design Xtian, Just add a XBEE, ZigBee or WiFi connector and you're done. For higher power "user added" peripherals, it might be good to add an external 3.3V / 5V regulator for those devices. Don't be shy with having extra ground / power pins around i/o connectors either. ...kevin

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