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Hands-on mbed workshop at Elektor Live!

What do you get when you put 75 engineers and boxes of all sorts of electronic components together in a concrete UFO?

You get the biggest mbed hands-on workshop we've ever attempted! Here are the details...

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mbed Robot Racing - The results

After 2 days of highly competitive racing at ARM Tech Con 2010. The results are ready to be announced.

In true award ceremony style, there are few people to thank. Firstly, Ioannis Kedros, for putting together a great PCB design so quickly, then for hand manufacturing the required number of units to take to Tech Con. Secondly, the guys from Pololu who came along to Tech Con and helped out enormously. Thanks!

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mbed Microcontrollers and LabView!

I was invited to talk at the recent NI Days conference in London about the experiments we've been doing around hooking mbed up to LabView. The talk is a backgrounder and some basic demos of how to get them talking, and I was joined by Ian Bell from NI to show how you can even target microcontrollers directly from LabView. The talk was videoed, so here it is for anyone interested in LabView and mbed working together...

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mbed Robot Racing!

mbed Robot Racing is ready to go! After a few weeks of frantic designing and building, we're setup at ARM Techcon and looking forward to two days of robot action! Make sure you come and take part, as there are prizes to be won! Here is what we've setup, and how it all works...

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mbed + Pololu 3pi = fun (part 2)

As the mbed project is all about "Rapid Prototyping", we tend to give ourselves crazy deadlines for any demos we do. This is just to make sure we practice what we preach! I posted about our experiments with an mbed, RN42 Bluetooth module and Pololu 3pi robot, so with that working it was all about turning it in to an event for ARM Tech Con; "mbed Robot Racing!" Here is what we did next to have it ready for the show....

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mbed + Pololu 3pi = fun! (Part 1)

We're doing some experiments to add an mbed brain and bluetooth to the already awesome 3pi robot base from Pololu. The plan is that it can be remotely controlled from a PC or phone application over bluetooth, scripted, or made fully autonomous robot such as a line follower.

The big plan is to run a "Robot Racing" event at the upcoming ARM Techcon with it, all controlled via android devices. We'll also publish all the design files so anyone can build one! Here is where we've gotten so far...

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Scheduled maintenance, Saturday 23rd Oct

mbed.org will be unavailable for some time during the daytime (GMT) of Saturday 23rd October (this weekend) for essential maintenance.

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Look what you've all been up to!

Over the past month, I've been pretty busy doing all sorts of stuff. Some of the stand out things have been setting up Circuit Cellar Design Challenge with Circuit Cellar/Elektor and NXP (the response here has blown us away! I'll write more soon :) and going to shows like ESC and Maker Faire and talking to *lots* of people about amazing things (and getting to meet so many of you already using mbed! Awesome!), plus all the usual stuff of development, presenting at events/customers, dealing with all the important but unexciting things like distribution etc.

But I haven't really been keeping an eye on what *you* had been up to. So for the first time in a while i've just had a browse around the site to see what was up. Turns out you have been busy! So I decided to note down some of the things I found...

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mbed update: Compiler & Library support!

Yesterday, the beta version of the site went live, which adds integrated user created library support, as well as an upgrade to the mbed Compiler.

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Join the mbed challenge!

We're on a mission to bring rapid prototyping to microcontrollers, and we want you to join us! Introducing the mbed challenge...

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