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Hello World! Webinar with Farnell - June 11th, 3pm

Alistair and Jamie at Farnell's element-14 community site have confirmed some information about a free "Hello World!" introductory webinar they are doing for mbed this Friday. Here are the details...

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Library Update: Serial buses and ethernet enhancements.

Version 22 of the library is now live. Highlights are:

  • I2C repeated start
  • SPI half-duplex and slave classes
  • Serial half-duplex class
  • Ethernet link setting

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Gadget Freak Design Contest!

Steve just told us that Design News and MAKE have announced a "Gadget Freak Design Contest!", with a $1000 grand prize...

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mbed Compiler: 60 Second Introduction

Inspired by a request at ESC, here is a 60 second introduction to the mbed Compiler...

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Training Course: Embedded Systems with the mbed Development Platform

Rob at RT Sixty has sent us details of a professional Embedded Systems training course running in July in the UK. It is using mbed as the core platform, and looks like a great ground-up introduction to embedded systems. If you are starting to look at using MCUs in your company, it could certainly be worth a look.

Here are the details...

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Library Update: Added Ports, Faster Digital I/O, and some tweaks

We've put live a version of the mbed library with some new features and some behavioural improvements. The main highlights are:

  • Increased speed of the DigitalIn, DigitalInOut and DigitalOut interfaces
  • Open Drain mode available for DigitalIn and DigitalInOut
  • New PortIn, PortInOut and PortOut interfaces to writing quickly to a number of pins on a port

Here are the full details...

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Site update 1.6: Import wizard, versioned published programs, build details

Today we have put live the latest version of mbed.org.

Changelog summary:

  • New compiler import wizard
  • Listing of published programs within the compiler
  • Published program versioning
  • Program memory usage display
  • Many bugfixes to compiler, especially regarding support on Mac platforms

Here are the details:

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Our mbed twitter controlled Etch-a-sketch is live!

Check out our mbed-powered, LOGO interpreting, twitter-controlled etch-a-sketch at http://mbed.org/etch-a-sketch/ :)

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mbed Scoops EDN Innovation Award!

While we were sleeping in the UK, Simon was busy in San Jose, California, preparing for the Embedded System Conference, which starts today.

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mbed Etch-A-Sketch! (pt1)

I mentioned in the earlier post about ESC that we had an idea for a demo. Well today Chris had a go putting together the hardware part...

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