Google Cloud to join the next Mbed OS Tech Forum

During this week’s Tech Forum, we will be joined by Charlie Wang, Cloud Solutions Architect from the Google Cloud team to show how Mbed OS and Google Cloud work together to accelerate IoT product development. We will discuss the challenges IoT developers are facing today and how the Google Cloud and Mbed OS integration can help developers can overcome these challenges.

If you missed it, in September 2020, we released OS 6.3, which included the capabilities to connect to any public cloud, including Google Cloud. The materials delivered in the release included an example integration, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to quickly configure and connect an Mbed based device to the range of services Google offer. If you have any questions about this integration, don’t miss the opportunity to ask them during the Tech Forum, this Wednesday at 5pm GMT/9am PT.

Also, on this week’s stream, we will be sharing the results of the Mbed Developer Survey 2020. We will highlight what you’ve asked for and what needs improving, as well as details on the types of projects the Mbed community are working on.

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If you missed last month’s Tech Forum, you can catch it on-demand here. We talked to two Mbed OS contributors, George Beckstein, Embedded Software Engineer and Garrett LoVerde, IoT architect to hear what it has taken for these developers to go from prototype to production. The session also included a discussion on the Mbed OS experimental BLE services and details on Mbed OS Working Groups and the roadmap for the next three months.

The Mbed OS Tech Forum takes place every second Wednesday of the month at 5pm GMT/9am PT (5pm UTC). Here are some links to bookmark so you can set a reminder for each session and contribute to the Tech Forum discussion:

Don Garnier, Mbed OS Tech Lead

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