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Example: Internet of Things RFID Tweeter

I made a video with Donatien yesterday to demonstrate some of the new work he has been doing on our HTTP stack, and to show how mbed can help prototype the "Internet of Things". Here is what we came up with...

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Server Upgrades - 15th June

To keep up with demand, it is necessary to schedule some mbed downtime tomorrow morning (UK time).

We hope for the downtime to last no more than an hour.

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Site update: New cookbook

We've just put live the new mbed Cookbook, a fully-integrated wiki that provides a community repository for building blocks and tutorials to help get prototypes up and running even faster. Here are the details...

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Hello World! Webinar with Farnell - June 11th, 3pm

Alistair and Jamie at Farnell's element-14 community site have confirmed some information about a free "Hello World!" introductory webinar they are doing for mbed this Friday. Here are the details...

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Library Update: Serial buses and ethernet enhancements.

Version 22 of the library is now live. Highlights are:

  • I2C repeated start
  • SPI half-duplex and slave classes
  • Serial half-duplex class
  • Ethernet link setting

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Gadget Freak Design Contest!

Steve just told us that Design News and MAKE have announced a "Gadget Freak Design Contest!", with a $1000 grand prize...

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mbed Compiler: 60 Second Introduction

Inspired by a request at ESC, here is a 60 second introduction to the mbed Compiler...

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Training Course: Embedded Systems with the mbed Development Platform

Rob at RT Sixty has sent us details of a professional Embedded Systems training course running in July in the UK. It is using mbed as the core platform, and looks like a great ground-up introduction to embedded systems. If you are starting to look at using MCUs in your company, it could certainly be worth a look.

Here are the details...

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Library Update: Added Ports, Faster Digital I/O, and some tweaks

We've put live a version of the mbed library with some new features and some behavioural improvements. The main highlights are:

  • Increased speed of the DigitalIn, DigitalInOut and DigitalOut interfaces
  • Open Drain mode available for DigitalIn and DigitalInOut
  • New PortIn, PortInOut and PortOut interfaces to writing quickly to a number of pins on a port

Here are the full details...

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Site update 1.6: Import wizard, versioned published programs, build details

Today we have put live the latest version of mbed.org.

Changelog summary:

  • New compiler import wizard
  • Listing of published programs within the compiler
  • Published program versioning
  • Program memory usage display
  • Many bugfixes to compiler, especially regarding support on Mac platforms

Here are the details:

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