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Are you on the mbed world map?

We've just added a page which plots a map of anyone who's put a location in their mbed public profile!

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Scheduled downtime, Saturday 5th Feb

Dear mbed-ers,

Due to essential works by our infrastructure team, mbed.org will be unavailable on Saturday 5th of Feb for approximately 1-3 hours. The downtime window is between 10 AM to 1pm GMT.

Many thanks for your understanding.

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Instructables Sparkfun Microcontroller Contest!

Instructables and Sparkfun are running a competition for microcontroller projects. Here is the project that brought it to my attention, and how you can get involved...

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New microcontroller book uses mbed!

For anyone who might be a beginner to C and Microcontrollers, Elektor have just published a book called "ARM Microcontrollers (part 1) - 35 projects for beginners"...

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Why use an NXP LPC1768 ARM MCU?

If you ever need to explain to someone why they should be using an NXP LPC1768 ARM Cortex MCU in their next product, as found on mbed, just send them this video!...

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Smile and Santa Smiles With You!

I just got a message about another video, now added to our channel; i'm guessing this one was built over christmas!...

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mbed has a YouTube channel!

We've setup a YouTube channel to collect together all the mbed videos you're posting! Here are a few to give you a taster of what some of you are up to...

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Site update: bugfixes, wiki text update to forum and notebook

Today we have finally released the version of the site which has been in public beta for some time now. This is a relatively minor update - the main user visible changes are bugfixes and a move away from the TinyMCE editor to our integrated wiki engine.

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Next site beta now available!

The next version of the mbed website is now available for beta testing. Here is what we've added...

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What have you been cooking?

The mbed website has a community-contributed area called the "Cookbook", which is becoming a bit like wikipedia for electronic components. Each page collects together information for a component you might want to hook up to mbed, with a library and wiring information needed to get you up and running in a flash.

Here is a summary of a few things you have been cooking up recently...

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