Mbed OS Tech Forum: Latest and Upcoming Features

Join this Wednesday’s live Tech Forum to ask questions about upcoming features, hear about the latest Mbed OS developments, including the latest software release, and see how Mbed has been contributing to the Connected Home over IP (CHIP) project.

The CHIP project, a Working Group within the Zigbee Alliance and supported by partners including Amazon, Ikea, Google, NXP and STMicroelectronics, aims to simplify development and reduce defragmentation of smart home products for manufacturers, and increase compatibility for consumers. The group has recently approved a secure, easy-to-develop specification for building home products with and on top of market-tested, existing technologies. This specification is supported by Mbed and during the Tech Forum, Mbed Software Engineer, Vincent Coubard will be sharing Mbed’s latest CHIP smart home door lock demo.

In addition to the CHIP project, hosts Don Garnier and Andy Powers will share details on the latest software release, 6.10, which includes a new standard for the definition and usage of pin-names. There will also be an opportunity to share your feedback on the latest OS roadmap, including potential changes to the release model for improved stability. We value your experience and knowledge and encourage you to contribute to the Tech Forum – we look forward to hearing from you this Wednesday!

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The Mbed OS Tech Forum takes place every second Wednesday of the month at 5pm BST/9am PT (4pm UTC). Here are some links to bookmark so you can set a reminder for each session and contribute to the Tech Forum discussion:

Don Garnier, Mbed OS Tech Lead

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