Hello I'm Paul, working on low energy projects.

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Last know working Mbed-Dev files for ST's L476 RTC to allow low current deep sleep mode @ 6ua.
GLCD type font files
SSD1331 Oled driver library for 96x64 colour Oled display. Demo included in .h file
Initial demo code
Si-Labs EFM32 Back Up domain and BUrtc demo.
Si-Labs EFM32 back up domain and BUrtc library
Mbed-Dev, working sleep modes + RTC
Image bitmaps for use with Sharp Memory LCD's
Chinese module HY-1.8 SPI TFT lcd Display library.
Sharp Memory LCD library
RDA5807M FM RDS radio using the Gecko Segment LCD display. PC serial is used to display the RDS text on a pc terminal program if required (115200 baud). The two ...
RDA5807M FM Radio library with RDS.
RDA5807M FM RDS radio program using 4DSystems 32028 Oled touch screen display. Search and direct frequency selection, RDS text, 10 preset memories
Simple Wi-Fi WEB server to control and read Mbed pins. Needs the ESP8266 configuring first using this program to enter ssid, password, and mode: (((( https://developer.mbed.org/users/star297/code/ESP8266-configuaration-baudrate/)))) Baud rate has been ...
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