Paul Staron

Narón, Spain


Hello I'm Paul, working on low energy projects.

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  • 4Dsystems_uOLED-32028_Demo

    Demo program for the Oled display

    Last updated: 12 Jan 2015 4 14
  • Last updated: 11 Apr 2015 1 6
  • OS 2

    DCF77 Atomic clock using Nokia 6610 colour LCD display. This will continue to run with no signal and shows a graphic bit map display demonstrating the time build. Does not ...

    atomic, clock, dcf77
    Last updated: 19 Mar 2013 3 40
  • EFM32_BUrtc

    Si-Labs EFM32 back up domain and BUrtc library

    Last updated: 16 May 2016 1 10
  • OS 2

    Si-Labs EFM32 Back Up domain and BUrtc demo.

    Last updated: 16 May 2016 2 8
  • EFM32 RDA5807M RDS Radio

    RDA5807M FM RDS radio using the Gecko Segment LCD display. PC serial is used to display the RDS text on a pc terminal program if required (115200 baud). The two ...

    fm, Radio, RDA5807
    Last updated: 19 Jun 2015 5 25
  • ERC1602-4-i2c

    ERC1602-4 i2c Text LCD library for East Rising COG display in i2c mode using the ST7032i controller IC.

    Last updated: 04 May 2014 1 39
  • OS 2

    Simple configuration program for the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. Includes baud rate changes. If module [ Version:], the baud rate can be changed from 9600(default) to 230400. Other baud rates that ...

    Last updated: 10 Feb 2015 4 446
  • OS 2

    NTPClient demo using ESP8266 driver library built in function. Original code from Jack Berkhout that works very fast, may depend on users connection, however I get the time back and ...

    Last updated: 14 Feb 2019 2 6
  • ESP8266-OS2

    Tuned for OS2 to reduce flash code size for smaller MCU's. Added further functions since 2018 v1.7 firmware. Improved faster large web page sending. Built in fast NTP Client time ...

    Last updated: 14 Feb 2019 4 3
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