DCF77 Atomic clock using Nokia 6610 colour LCD display. This will continue to run with no signal and shows a graphic bit map display demonstrating the time build. Does not use the Mbed RTC so will run on the LPC11U24. The main signal timing is achieved by using a Ticker ISR that looks at the DCF signal input every 50mS this also produces the seconds on the local clock incase of signal errors or no signal. Many thanks to Lynton Towler for the idea of this part of the code and Wim who helped me convert it from an Arduino program. The Parity code was fromHans program that works.

Dependencies:   mbed


Re published due to error in title.

I have also updated the 'Leap' year print code as that was incorrect.

This program works on the both Mbed's (LPC1768 and LPC11U24)

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