EFM32 Zero Gecko

Silicon Labs' EFM32™ Zero Gecko ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) provide flash memory configurations up to 32 kB, 2-4 kB of RAM and CPU speeds up to 24 MHz, built on top of a low-power platform that includes innovative low energy techniques, fast wake-up times and energy saving modes.


Silicon Labs' EFM32ZG-STK3200 is an excellent starting point to get familiar with the EFM32™ Zero Gecko 32-bit microcontrollers. Supported by Simplicity Studio, the starter kit contains sensors and peripherals demonstrating some of the MCU's many capabilities and can serve as a starting point for application development. The EFM32ZG-STK3200 features an on-board SEGGER J-Link debugger and an Advanced Energy Monitoring system, allowing you to program, debug and perform real-time current profiling of your application without using external tools.


Zero Gecko Platform Features

Getting started with ARM mbed and EFM32

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EFM32 Zero Gecko Starter Kit for Windows, Linux and OS X

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