Tell us about your Mbed OS based product

Has your company created a product based on Mbed OS? Then we’d love to chat!

Whenever we get the chance to talk to you about an Mbed OS based product you’ve built, it seems to unearth a whole variety of opportunities for both of us. Whether it is to see how we can give you some additional support, get feedback on how we could improve Mbed itself, or to help showcase your products to the companies we meet that are looking for devices and solutions, it seems good things happen.

To uncover these opportunities more reliably, we’ve now put up a simple form where you can tell us about your product. I’ll be reviewing this every week, and it would be great to hear from you about what you’ve been building to see how we can help.

Here is a bit more on what telling us about your designs can lead to:

Getting support

Often in initial discussions, we quickly find ways in which we can help with support, bugfixes or other advice (maybe there are niggling or blocking issues that you have long been working around, but may be easy for our core engineers to fix). It may also inform what is needed to support you in the next iteration of your device. In most cases, we’ve both benefited from the discussion.

Improving Mbed

Your suggestions and feedback often lead to changes and additions that make Mbed an even better product. The big-ticket items we’ve been working on recently like Mbed Studio, our support for NB-IoT, or some of the low power features have always been directly informed by customer needs, but more often it is the small but valuable tweaks, improvements and additions that you identify that help make development smoother or more efficient; and they all add up to a big impact.

Promoting your products

Finally, one of the questions we get continually is “do you know of a company who builds a device that does X?”. We do have knowledge of a lot of devices and companies we can represent and introduce in these situations, but also know it is only the tip of the iceberg. Arm is lucky enough to have a global sales team, out talking with some of the biggest and most interesting companies in the world. If it may be useful to have your devices and company exposed to them, that is another good reason to chat.

So if you’d like to discuss or simply tell us about a product you’ve built with Mbed OS, please reach out and we’ll see where it takes us:

Tell us about your Mbed OS based product

I’d love to understand more about the products you’ve built and how we can help further!

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