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Why isn't DAPLink an mbed project?

If mbed is production ready, why aren't you using it as the basis for DAPLink? Shouldn't you practice what you preach?

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Good question! It is just historic really; the roots of DAPLink were built before Mbed OS really existed or supported threads, USB and bootloaders, and we hadn’t made the time to update it.

Our plan is to upgrade DAPLink to Mbed OS in 2019 when we get the chance, especially as people keep requesting it on different targets which Mbed OS will give us.

Please reach out if you want to help!

Hi there,

Slightly off topic on DAP link...

Added some additional functions on CMSIS-DAP for STM32F103RB (as a CMSIS-DAP MCU) replacing STLink FW. + Virtual COM Port linked to AtoD channel(s) to do (current/power) measurements on the application side. + Virtual COM Port for I2CBus to access application side components (Sensors, Arduino I2C etc. ) from the development PC.

The idea is to use the CMSIS-DAP MCU for application diagnostic and monitoring at run-time, as it is doing nothing when application is running on the main MCU.

BTW, all HW circuitry are in place to support a.m. features on u-blox C030 variants.

However, could not get support from neither ST nor mbed to merge these. So, it has been shelved.

Any thought?

posted by Erkut Uygun 07 Jan 2019

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