3 years, 4 months ago.

Is mbed V2 still getting updated?

Hi, is mbed V2 still getting improved and updated? Or is only v5 under current development? V5 just takes so much more system resources, specially RAM, it makes using the cheap microcontrollers not so practical any more. Specially seeing that IoT applications are typically very low cost.

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3 years, 4 months ago.

Hi Modtronix,

Whilst mbed OS 2 still gets maintenance and target updates and continues to be a very usable platform, the active development is on the newest mbed OS 5 platform; this is where all the new features are coming, and you'll see over the next year this really becomes the go-to platform.

We're always interested in use-cases to see how we can address them better, so please feel free to share insights in to specific improvements that'd help you. But our approach will definitely be the continued improvements, optimisations and features in mbed OS 5 to achieve that.

So bottom line; mbed OS 2 still has active maintenance, but mbed OS 5 is where active development is going on, and we want to make it a suitable upgrade for most mbed OS 2 applications.

Thanks! Simon

3 years, 4 months ago.

Hi Simon,

I think like modtronix H, I'm still using mbed OS 2 for several projects, because those apps are at the 80 to 95 percent complete state. For a recent project, I tried, but couldn't get all I needed in OS 5.

Have you considered a forum area just for mbed OS 5? I guess mbed OS 5 is ahead in some areas, but still behind in others. Do you have a good voice of the users to what they need that may help prioritize some of the work? (like multicast in OS 5 Ethernet)

Is there a matrix anywhere of features for each that should be considered fully available?

[And it's good to see your presence, hopefully a sign of some increased investment in tracking the forums]

3 years, 2 months ago.

Hello, same here. For targets with RAM <16 kB OS5 is hard to use. For LPC824 or LPC1347 I have also mbed OS2 projects. But the jungle with mbed resources is hard stuff: there are sources for mbed5 on github. There is an outdated mbed-src, fortunately the mbed OS2 sources are now in good sync in mbed-dev. But without sources for the tools. This would be interesting, because nearly none of the exporters is working. There is a new one, gnuarmeclipse, but surprise: not available in OS2 because tools are different. Thats really a nightmare. When you want to start a project with mbed OS5 in online compiler, you cannot go the known way by creating a project and import mbed-os. Its all very inconsistent. Is there some roadmap tor the future of mbed? Or some comprehensive history about the mbed development?

Thanks, Johannes

Update: I found the sdk tools for OS2, they are not in github but the mercurial repo, mbed-sdk-toos.