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Fork of R_BSP by Daiki Kato

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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
aioif.c [code]
aioif.h [code]
bsp_drv_cmn.h [code]BSP Section settings
bsp_util.c [code]BSP Utilities
bsp_util.h [code]BSP Utilities
dma.c [code]DMA Driver internal functions
dma.h [code]DMA Driver internal headers
dma_if.c [code]DMA Driver interface functions
dma_if.h [code]DMA Driver interface headers
dma_ver.c [code]DMA Driver get verion function
ioif_aio.h [code]
misratypes.h [code]
posix_types.h [code]
R_BSP_Aio.cpp [code]
R_BSP_Aio.h [code]R_BSP_Aio API
r_bsp_cmn.c [code]
r_bsp_cmn.h [code]
R_BSP_mbed_fns.h [code]
R_BSP_Scux.cpp [code]
R_BSP_Scux.h [code]SCUX API
R_BSP_ScuxDef.h [code]SCUX defines
R_BSP_SerialFamily.cpp [code]
R_BSP_SerialFamily.h [code]R_BSP_SerialFamily API
R_BSP_Ssif.cpp [code]
R_BSP_Ssif.h [code]SSIF API
R_BSP_SsifDef.h [code]SSIF defines
r_errno.h [code]
Renesas_RZ_A1.h [code]
scux.c [code]SCUX Driver functions
scux.h [code]Sample driver internal header
scux_board.c [code]SCUX functions depending on borad
scux_dev.c [code]SCUX device control functions
scux_if.c [code]SCUX Driver interface functions
scux_if.h [code]SCUX Driver IOIF API header
scux_int.c [code]SCUX Driver interrupt functions
scux_int.h [code]SCUX driver interrupt header
scux_ioctl.c [code]SCUX Driver ioctl functions
scux_ver.c [code]SCUX Driver get verion function
ssif.c [code]
ssif.h [code]
ssif_api.c [code]
ssif_api.h [code]
ssif_cfg.c [code]
ssif_dma.c [code]
ssif_if.c [code]
ssif_if.h [code]
ssif_int.c [code]
ssif_int.h [code]
ssif_ver.c [code]SSIF Driver get verion function