E-KTN to run mbed workshop on July 29th

Dan Dearing of the UK's Electronics Knowledge Transfer Network (E-KTN), will be running a one day mbed workshop at the ARM headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

The focus of the E-KTN is to help electronics make its way into other industries, and keep the electronics industry up up to date with the latest developments.

The day includes some presentations about mbed Rapid Prototyping technology, walkthrough examples of setting up and using mbed, and a free form lab to experiment with the kit in the safety of the workshop environment.

By the end of the workshop you should be :

- Familar with the mbed microcontroller, its online tools and developer website

- Able to use the mbed libraries to rapidly prototype using Digital IO, I2C, A/D, D/A, Interrupts, and more!

- Creating working rapid prototypes that include high level functional blocks such as SDCard, USB Host and Ethernet.

A ticket for the day's workshop is £99+VAT, which includes lunch and ....

For more information on the event, visit the mbed Workshop page at the E-KTN website.

If you would like to run a similar event near you, contact support@mbed.org

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