mbed at Make: Tokyo Meeting 07!

O'Reilly Japan held Make: Tokyo Meeting 07 (MTM07)) at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in the Meguro district on 3rd and 4th December 2011. Makers exhibited, performed, and offered workshops over a weekend to showcase and inspire others with their development projects.

Tedd OKANO was there and has written a great summary for those who weren't lucky enough to experience it...See how many mbed's you can spot!


So many people were there! It was very crowded and I didn't have enough time to see details of every exhibit but I found the mbed is getting more popular for the Makers. Most of applications which have microcontrollers are using mbed and Arduino. Those two MCU modules are dominant in this world.

A big news for mbed was new "yellow" mbed. logic star (GPS Labo) was demonstrating the mbed LPC11U24.


The demo was called "Energy Harvesting". The news mbed can be operated 3 years with small solar cell and batteries. New mbed’s outstanding energy efficiency was giving people a strong impression. In MTM07, the mbed LPC1768 could be seen many places. And there were LPCXpresso boards too. Some of them explained those LPCXpresso boards were using binary which was build on mbed online compiler!

Another big news was a mbed/LPCXpresso baseboard "Black One" was launched in MTM07 by Shinji Tadenuma.


It has 2.4inch TFT color screen with Japanese characters font and socket for Xbee. Now we have even more options for mbed baseboards.

Some shops were selling mbed, baseboard, and mbed based kits like Geiger counters and the robot:Wallbot designed by Junichi Katsu;

Summary: the mbed community in Japan is growing so strongly!"

Thanks Tedd OKANO!

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15 Dec 2011

Thank you for posting it.
It was so great to see many mbeds in MTM07!
The video and pictures are just a part of that event. I could find more if I could have more time.

01 Jan 2012

Very nice Okano-san! Regards Andrew

01 Jan 2012

Thank you, Andrew :)

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