Dependents of USBHost

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

BTstack Bluetooth stack bluetooth, BTstack, L2CAP, SDP
うおーるぼっとをWiiリモコンでコントロールする新しいプログラムです。 以前のものより、Wiiリモコンが早く繋がる様になりました。 It is a program which controls A with the Wii remote. ※ A Bluetooth dongle and a Wii remote control are needed. bluetooth, wallbot, Wii
This program is for transferring all contents of SD card to any flash drive like pen drive. After importing this program, you will see 3 FATFileSystem libraries, one in main … SD, USB
OK Connect a US Bstorage stick Configure for HOST Disconnect any other devices !!!!
Acquire Sensor data and email
class project main.cpp publish
fork of VodafoneUSBModem with updated USBHost library
A wave player demo setup for the mbed application board. Reads a wave file from a USB flash drive, and outputs to the onboard speaker (very low volume) and the …
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows library game pad, gamepad, USB Host, USBHOST, Xbox, xbox360
Reads the text file on USB in Host mode and displays on the LCD.
modified u-blox modem driver
This program is a initial connection test of mBed and Texas Instruments EZ430 Chronos Watch. The Chronos RF Access Point radio dongle is connected to mBed usb port , and … chronos, Serial, Texas, USBHOST, watch
jikken mode1 test
This is sample.
This program is made for the GPS Robot Car contest 2014
HelloWorld program for USB400Serial Library
LED PWM lighting effects with sounds played from *.wav files using threads and the mbed RTOS. For more info see .
A sample program to play eVY1 shield/module using USB-MIDI keyboard. USB-MIDIキーボードでeVY1 shield/moduleを演奏する単純なサンプルプログラムです。 See also following movie: mbedで簡単! USB-MIDIキーボードの利用法 eVY1, MIDI, USB
save data to memory stick
Sending MMA7660 & LM75B sensor value to the USB, another device by CAN. And we can view temperature of LM75B by C12832 LCD. C12832, CAN, LM75B, MMA7660, USBHOST
Sensing Data Error Correction C12832, MMA7660, USBHOST
ECE 4180 Mini-Project (Lab 4)
Connect USB HID Barcode Scanner and Scan any product. Add a case for storing your products in the database barcode, HID, scanner, USB
n-bed testing USB HOST and a Flash disk
A program for IoT demonstration with mbed, EnOcean and MQTT.
You need to plugin the USB, and read the doc and code.
GuardDog using application board robot.
A program to show the use of a wireless xbox 360 controller. Has details on what data is given out from the controller as well as normalized values for the … Xbox
LCD (4.3inch) Shield sample. While USER_BUTTON0 is pressed, it will save the image to the USB memory.When you use this program, we judge you have agreed to the following contents. … camera, GR-PEACH, LCD
mbed base bard check program for BlueTooth USB dongle module (3 switches, 6 leds, I2C LCD, A/D)