jim hamblen

Atlanta, United States

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  • 4DGL-uLCD-SE

    Fork of 4DGL lib for uLCD-144-G2. Different command values needed. See https://mbed.org/users/4180_1/notebook/ulcd-144-g2-128-by-128-color-lcd/ for instructions and demo code.

    Last updated: 28 Oct 2015 9 1970
  • OS 2

    Analog loopback test p18 - p20 LED Bar Graph Display

    Last updated: 28 Aug 2010 2 7
  • OS 2

    USB serial demo for an Android device See https://os.mbed.com/users/4180_1/notebook/using-mbed-with-an-android-phone-or-tablet/

    Last updated: 08 Feb 2018 1 49
  • OS 2

    Executive decision maker for the mbed NXP1768 Application board. Ask a question, and press the center joystick button. Uses a pushbutton, PWM speaker, mbed LEDs, RGB LED, LCD, and the ...

    Last updated: 03 Feb 2015 1 279
  • OS 2

    This demo uses the application board’s three axis accelerometer and the LCD display working in graphics mode to build an electronic version of a bubble level.

    Last updated: 22 Sep 2013 2 1821
  • OS 2

    Websocket demo for app board by C. Styles with updated libraries. DHCP service and a network cable is required.

    Last updated: 01 Oct 2013 4 106
  • OS 2

    Clock display on app board LCD is set using an NTP network time server. DHCP service must be enabled for mbed to get an IP address. A network cable is ...

    Last updated: 01 Oct 2013 2 341
  • OS 2

    This demo uses the mbed RTOS to run eight threads (including main). The threads are using different I/O devices on the application board. Several of the threads output to the ...

    Last updated: 22 Sep 2013 5 819
  • OS 2

    This demo uses the application board’s I2C temperature sensor to measure the board’s temperature. Pot 1 (blue dial near LCD) is used to adjust a temperature alarm setting. Alarm uses ...

    Last updated: 22 Sep 2013 5 450
  • OS 2

    A wave player demo setup for the mbed application board. Reads a wave file from a USB flash drive, and outputs to the onboard speaker (very low volume) and the ...

    Last updated: 01 Nov 2013 10 1101
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