Kevin Braun

Union City, United States

An electronic hardware developer in Silicon Valley, CA USA

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  • OS 2

    - ANALOG METER, initial offering - Emulation of an analog/mechanical meter using the SPI TFT display \"\" (touch not used) Meter takes an integer number from 0 - 100 and …

    SPI, TFT
    Last updated: 31 Jan 2012 1 72
  • bme280

    Multi environmental sensor

    Altimeter, barometer, Humitity, I2C, Temparature
    Last updated: 22 Apr 2016 4 153
  • bq27220

    TI BQ27220 I2C based, battery State of Charge and Coulomb Counter

    Battery, I2C
    Last updated: 31 Jul 2017 4 1
  • OS 2

    Programming of the DDS-60 (AD9851) frequency synthesizer from AmQRP I had to use long, floating math in order to get accurate frequency output.

    AD9851, DDS
    Last updated: 04 Apr 2012 1 28
  • OS 2

    Demo program for setting up RTC via the touchscreen on the F746

    F746NG, RTC, Touchscreen
    Last updated: 04 Mar 2016 1 220
  • ds3232m

    Library for Maxim DS3232M super-accurate, I2C based Real Time Clock chip with 234 bytes of user RAM. Library includes user RAM read/write operations along with CRC routines for accessing the …

    clock, DS3232, I2C, RTC, time
    Last updated: 11 Mar 2016 7 6
  • OS 2

    DS3232M RTC demo program. Tested on the K64F (this example) and the KL25Z, but should work on any platform by changing the SDA and SCL pins. USB serial baud rate …

    DS3232, I2C, K64F, KL25z, RTC
    Last updated: 11 Mar 2016 5 53
  • Last updated: 09 Dec 2009 1 9
  • htu21d

    Library for the Measurement Specialties' HTU21D Humidity and Temperature sensor. Code includes device's heater on/off control, serial number access, dew point calculations and RTOS hooks. To date, code tested on …

    GR-PEACH, HTU21D, Humidity, I2C, K64F, KL25z, Temperature
    Last updated: 30 Apr 2015 4 290
  • i2cDevices

    I2C device discovery and printout of known device names

    Last updated: 10 Jan 2019 1 4
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