An electronic hardware developer in Silicon Valley, CA USA

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Simple SD File System test using mbed-os, FATFileSystem + sd-driver
K64F, SD
TI BQ27220 I2C based, battery State of Charge and Coulomb Counter
I2C discovery routine
NTC temperature sensor going to A:D input. Topology is: (Vref or 3.3V) -> Series_resistor -> A:D_input -> NTC -> GND. Easy modification of NTC parameters w/o recompile of library
Simple program for temperature sensing using a NTC temperature sense resistor and internal mbed A:D converter
High resolution barometer and altimeter using i2c mode
Texas Instruments INA230 hi/lo side, bi-directional current and voltage monitor with I2C. Code hacked and enhanced from the INA219 driver from TI
Modified NTP library
Melexis MLX90620 and MLX90621, non-contact, 16x4 infrared array temperature sensor device driver.
Example program using the MLX90620 and KL25Z. Best viewed with wide-screen VT-100 color terminal. Tested with Tera Term. Easy i2c pin name change for mbed1768.
Provides a real-time Ethernet link status for the K64F, since the K64F lacks such a function.
Ethernet link status for the K64F
Demonstration program for the VEML6040 and VEML6075 optical sensors
A Vishay library for devices VEML6040 R+G+B+W and VEML6075 UVA+UVB optical sensors. Data is stored in a dedicated data structure.
Tool to dump contents of a data buffer in traditional terminal format. Some VT100 color commands used.
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