2 years, 5 months ago.

How to use the "external" I2C on the L475VG


I cannot get the Arduino "external" I2C working on the L475VG. After successful compile and download, the L475 flashes an error code at startup. The internal I2C works fine, all of the internal I2C peripherals are operational.

The L475 does use a non-standard I2C driver

static DevI2C devI2c(PB_11,PB_10);      // internal i2c - this works
static DevI2C devI2c_ard(PB_8,PB_9);    // external i2c - this is broken at startup
// static DevI2C devI2c_ard(D15, D14);  // this also does not work

I am using the on-line compiler and mbed-os v5.10.4



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